The Classic Jaén Paraíso Interior 2024 will be “unpredictable” with 62 kilometers of dirt


The third edition of the Classic Jaén Paraíso Interior, which will be held on February 12, 2024, aims to be “unpredictable” with just over 62 kilometers of land along the famous Sea of ​​Olives' that unites Baeza and Úbeda, two Heritage cities. of Humanity who will once again be protagonists along with the 'sterrato' and a top-level platoon.

This cycling race that crosses the Sea of ​​Olivos will show, in its third edition, the charm of the province of Jaén along a route characterized by the Caminos de Olivos, a hallmark of this Classic sponsored by the Provincial Council of Jaén, and where Alexey Lutsenko and Tadej Pogacar have won.

“Like every year, there are changes to the route of the Jaén Paraíso Interior Classic,” said the head of Momparler Cycling, the organizing entity of the Gran Fondo and the Jaén Paraíso Interior Classic, Pascual Momparler. “We respect the mythical sections that the public likes the most and that have been marked by being the place of attacks by Tadej Pogacar, Alexey Lutsenko and so many world-renowned cyclists,” he added.

“We like to make changes so that the race is unpredictable: that no one knows how the test is going to develop and the outcome is surprising. We do repeat the scheme with the final circuit, which all the fans like because it allows them to see the cyclists very up close on several occasions. This is a race that shows the most beautiful things about Jaén and inspired by the best Italian, Belgian or Spanish classics. With that sum, we have everything we need to once again be the #SuperCyclingMonday of the year,” he said. .

The Classic Jaén Paraíso Interior 2024 will depart from Baeza to head towards Linares, a municipality that it will visit and then begin to climb in the direction of Ibros, where it will encounter the first major climb and the first Camino de Olivos: Antonio Machado (km 47.3 ; 3.8 km), the site from which Tadej Pogacar set off on his memorable victorious ride last year.

This steep sector will connect with Cruz de Jaboneros (km 53.4; 3.7 km), on the outskirts of Baeza, and with Soledades (km 60.2; 6 km), one of the new features of this edition: a section rolling and friendly towards Úbeda, named in homage to one of the most emblematic works of Antonio Machado.

From Úbeda you will face a brief descent to the foot of Valdeolivas (km 74.6; 5.4 km), which will ascend again towards the town to face a journey in the direction of Santa Eulalia (km 90.2; 2.5 km). ) and Ubbadat (km 93.3; 6.2 km), another stretch that appears in the history of the test for being used by Alexey Lutsenko as the scene of his victorious attack in the first edition.

From there we will enter the final 20.4 kilometer circuit that, linking Úbeda and Baeza, will decide the race with three laps of great intensity. In it, two Caminos de Olivos will be faced: Virgen de la Salud (km 103.6, 124.1 and 144.5; 5.7 km) and again Soledades (km 112.5, 132.9 and 153.3; 6 km). At the end of the third turn, cyclists will be able to enter the streets of Úbeda to look for the finish line, located on Calle Obispo Cobos in front of the emblematic Hospital of Santiago.