The Civil Guard accuses Rubiales number two of diverting funds from the Federation with false signatures

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New report before the National Court. As EL MUNDO revealed, Antonio Suárez Santana was charged for cheating the RFEF and continues in his post

Rubiales and Antonio Suárez Santana, during the General Assembly of the RFEF.

The Civil Guard maintains that the current number two of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), Antonio Suarez Santana, funds from the agency were diverted under the presidency of Ángel María Villar using forged signatures. The Judicial Police has provided a new report to Judge Santiago Pedraz, who instructs the so-called 'Operation Soule', in which he broadens the evidence against the first vice president of Luis Rubiales who, as EL MUNDO revealed, is already charged by a crime of fraud in this case and it is pending to give declaration in judicial headquarters.

The Prosecutor's Office maintains that Suárez Santana used false documentation to defraud up to 236,514 euros to the RFEF and who plotted a plot to divert federal funds irregularly in 2011 under the pretext of building an artificial grass field. The Public Ministry considers it accredited that the Insular Federation of Soccer of the Palms (FIFLP), under the direction of Suárez Santana, requested to the RFEF a subsidy to renew the field of artificial turf of the Heidelberg School of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. The agency led by Villar responded to the request and awarded a subsidy of 236,514.36 euros that ended up being paid with funds from the Higher Sports Council (CSD) from one percent of the collection of the pools.

The works of the investigated installation, covered entirely with the funds provided by the RFEF, were diverted to a company of number two of Suárez Santana in the Canarian Federation and the Civil Guard has found manuscripts containing the name “Antonio” As a receiver of a commission. Hence, he considers it “plausible” that Suárez Santana not only articulated the diversion of funds to enrich his right hand but also benefited personally.

“Duplication of financing”

But the imputation for fraud is that, in parallel to the request for the RFEF grant, Suárez Santana asked for works behind the body that Villar directed, a subsidy to the Canarian school itself, which paid 96,000 euros.

Thus, in the opinion of Anticorruption, there was a “duplication of funding” that was achieved “by preparing different documents”. “So in those referred to the CSD the contribution of the Heidelberg College would not have been reflected and in those signed with it it does not include any reference to the subsidy of the works or the amount received originating in the CSD. “So that question would have been hidden from the school,” says Anticorruption.

At this point, the Civil Guard underlines in its new report, to which EL MUNDO has had access, that “the version of the collaboration agreement provided by the school should be an exact copy of the one sent by the FIFLP”. “However, the opposite can be concluded,” adds his report. “The typeface is different in both versions” and “there are doubts about the authenticity of the handwritten signature of the representative of the Heidelberg College contained in the agreement sent by the FIFLP”. “It should not be forgotten that the heading attributed to Ms. Leonor Manrique de Lara in the agreement sent to the FIFLP to the RFEF and to the CSD seems different from those indubited,” he emphasizes. he paid you 205,052 euros to the contractor. “

Therefore, at the request of Anticorruption Judge Pedraz considers that Suárez Santana, who personally signed the agreement to obtain the subsidy, would have incurred a crime of fraud typified in articles 249 and 250 of the Criminal Code.

During the last weeks there has been the dismissal by Rubiales of the members of the RFEF Integrity Commission. One of the triggers of the march of this team was precisely his decision to open internal file to Suárez Santana to clarify his performance. The president of the RFEF has dispensed with them because he considers that they should not have investigated their number two.

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