“The Cholo Simeone teams hit and cry”

Simeone will start his ninth full season at the helm of Atlético. The Argentinian He arrived at the rojiblanco club in December 2011 And since then he has become one of the best coaches in the world. Has achieved seven titles in the time he has been training the mattresses: one League (2013-14), one Copa del Rey (2012-13), one Super Cup in Spain (2014-15), two Europa League (2011-12 and 2017-18) and two European Super Cups (2012-13 and 2018-19). He only lacked the jackpot: the Champions League, although he has reached two finals in these years.

Athletic Shield / Flag

However, it also has detractors who criticize some issues, such as the way their team plays and the ‘intensity’ they show in some games. Today the opinion of a person who has been very relevant in Cholo's professional career came to light, in this case during his time as a footballer. His name is Daniel Willington And it is the coach who made Simeone debut 33 years ago with the Vélez Sarsfield jersey. He has spoken with the journalist Emiliano Nunia, in Super Deportivo Radio, in 'Radio Villa Trinidad and LT10' from Argentina and he has given his opinion on how the players of the teams directed by his pupil behave on the pitch, ensuring that “they hit and cry. Why do you think he took the Uruguayan at the time? To Godín … because he has the style that he has: they hit and cry. I like how they play but I don't like how they cry”.

It has also ruled on the first time he made the Atlético coach play. Was the September 13, 1987 and highlights of him that he was an exquisite player: “The ‘Cholo’ played at 10 and the ‘Turu’ Flores at 5 and I invested them. I put ‘Cholo’ at 5 and 8, apart he was 100% professional, not like me”. After passing through Vélez, Simeone left for Italy in 1990, specifically to Pisa. Later, he played for Sevilla from 1992 to 1994, when arrived at the rojiblanco club, where it was until 1997. That year he returned to Italy to join the ranks of Inter and in 1999 he went to Lazio before returning in 2003 to the club of his loves (Atlético). Finally, he decided to close his professional career in Argentina and in 2005 he joined Racing de Avellaneda, where hung up his boots in 2006 to start a prosperous coaching career.