The children of the Marquis of Griñón explode (in private) against their father’s widow

What Esther Dona she was never a saint of the devotion of her husband’s children, the deceased Carlos Falco, is not something new. The distance between both parties was clear and notorious, despite the aristocratic silences of the family of the Marquis of Griñón.

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Well, now that distance is increased by the confession that the widow has just made in the evening television program presented by Sonsoles Ónega: “The breakup with him hurt me more Judge Pedraz than the death of my husband,” said Esther Doña, a comment that has especially angered Tamara Falco and his brothers.

A source from the circle closest to the daughter of Isabel Preysler, who adored her father, reveals that “Esther’s confession shows Tamara something that was already very clear to her, that this woman was not as much in love with her father as she is proclaiming around there”. From this environment they consider that it is a definitive proof of contradiction: “It cannot be said that Carlos was the man of his life and that still in love with him, and recognize at the same time that his death hurt him less than the break with Pedraz. It’s an inconsistency.”

Tamara has never hidden her lack of feeling with Esther, being both of a similar age, what’s more, they assure us that they don’t have the slightest contact. And that if the first one had some kind of relationship, simply correct, with Doña, it is because her father asked her to. Nothing more. Carlos died and the disconnection between the two is absolute.