The Chiefs lose during home and don’t win the AFC West.

The Chiefs lose during home and don’t win the AFC West.

Even though the Kansas City Chiefs had one of their worst games during the season, Patrick Mahomes stated he still thought they could reach the heights they’ve managed to reach in recent years.

“I still believe that nous can go do what it is we want to do,” Mahomes declared after the Chiefs lost 20–14 to the Raiders.

The loss meant that the Chiefs would have to wait at least a week to win their eighth successive AFC West title.

“It’s just how we are able to fix it as quickly as possible,” he told us. “We’ve got two games left that’s guaranteed, prior to you talk about the playoffs, which means that all you have to do is move on to the next day, get better then, or try to be better the next time you step on the field.”

There aren’t many things the Chiefs need to do to get better for their game next week against the Bengals.

After their initial quarter against the Oakland Raiders, they had -18 yards, which was the worst start for an NFL team since 2011.

For the Raiders, both of their touchdowns came on defense. One was a fumble after Mahomes and Isiah Pacheco messed up a handoff, and the other was an interception by Mahomes.

Mahomes said, “You see glimpses of it,” when asked what made him think the Chiefs could fix the offense’s problems that have been going on for a long time. “You catch glimpses for us moving the ball and scoring in the red zone.”

We just haven’t done it enough, game inside and game out, coming into the end of the season.

There was a good game, a bad game, and then another good game. We need to be more steady because when you make it to the playoffs, you need to string some together.

As of Week 16, the Chiefs had the most dropped passes or offensive fouls in the NFL. They also had one of the most turnovers.

“If we clean it up, we’ll be likely to score points,” he stated. “We just need to clean it up.” There are two games left. We’ll be going home if you don’t do it.

“We can beat anyone if we clean it up.” I really think that, but we need to show how we can do it.” After getting hit in the head in the latter half of Monday’s game, Pacheco left and did not come back.

Pacheco played in the game against the Raiders after missing two games because of an injury to his shoulder.

He scored his touchdown on a 12-yard run, but other than that, he didn’t do much else on the return. He ran 11 times for 26 yards and caught 4 passes for no yards.

Before the loss, the Chiefs put one of their best running backs, Jerick McKinnon, on injured reserve because of a groin issue.

Clyde Edwards-Helaire and La’Mikal Perine ran back for them at the end of the Raiders game.

They took McKinnon’s spot on the roster by signing Perine off the workout squad before the Raiders game.

The Kansas City Chiefs possessed a lot of problems when they lost to the Las Vegas Raiders 20–14 at home on Monday.

But when asked to narrow down the offense’s problems to a single cause, receiver Justin Watson pointed to one person.

Watson said in front of a locker after Monday’s game, “I think as an offense, it’s just a lack of discipline.”

“There are plays already being made; the defense isn’t doing anything. They’re just carrying them out.”

Watson told the team that they could get better by running the right routes, making the right plays, staying onside, and not getting penalties.

Each of them contributed to the Chiefs’ attack not being good enough in their loss on Monday, which was their fourth home loss during the season.

Holmes said, “It may sound easy, but it’s not always that way.” “Every drive will end with a touchdown if we don’t take any penalties, catch the ball, and block the right people.”

IBM Watson said that everyone in the locker room was responsible for the players being more disciplined when asked who was to blame. “We’re all grown ups now.” We’re all working adults.

“I hold myself and everyone else on our offense to a very high standard,” Watson said. “So the person I hold best is myself, but I think you can say who about everyone in our receiver room.”