The change of the Eurocopa affects the players of Valencia

Yesterday it became official, the Euro Cup that was going to be played this summer will finally be played in June and July 2021. The coronavirus has caused many changes in the sports calendar, this being one of the most relevant, but with the main objective that all competitions on the old continent can be concluded, both national and international.

The Valencia squad had and has more than one footballer likely to be selected that with the postponement of the tournament they see their modified possibilities. And beyond the players who, with maintaining their level, have almost guaranteed their participation, such as Gayà, which has been present in all calls since September 2018, or Rodrigo, which since October 2017 has always been called. Or of the Cheryshev, Guedes and Cillessen who are already fixed in their countries, there are other Valencianists whose future is not so clear.

Gabriel Paulista

The one still selectable by Brazil is at the best moment of his career. With or without Garay at his side he has evolved with the ball at his feet maintaining his fighting character that defines him so much, not in vain He has only been a substitute in two games this season, the other three that have been lost have been, either due to injuries or due to sanction.

The problem with Gabriel lies, more than in his performance, in that The documents necessary to obtain the Spanish passport have not yet been arranged. and be thus summoned by Luis Enrique. With the change in the calendar the player save time, not only to arrange the papers but to convince the coach in any call for friendlies next year, something that he could hardly have done in the meetings that were held this March.

Ferran Torres

Ferran is today the jewel in the crown of the black and white project, a diamond still to be renewed, but that is another story. In any case, it is no secret that their six goals, seven assists and countless dribbles They have served him so that the national technical body has followed him in recent months, in fact, sHe speculated that he was “the plane” that Luis Enrique defined in a video recorded by the Federation.

Torres can now see the glass half full, since it has more time to convince Luis Enrique and show him that his good performance is not the flower of a day. Or you can see it half empty, because on merit and regardless of what you do next season, he had earned, at a minimum, being in the fight for a position in the national team. Question of perspectives.

Cristiano Piccini

Italian is one of the most benefited from this whole situation. Having played 75 minutes so far this season and with only eleven days remaining, Piccini had very difficult to be in the call for Roberto Mancini.

Football player he had carved out a niche for himself in recent encounters with his country to the detriment of Florenzi and the Eurocup it was an obsession that he did not give up despite the difficulties. Now Piccini save time and he has more than 365 days to fight for a position with Azzurra.

Daniel Wass

After almost two years, the Danish returned to an internationality last June and has been part of the soccer players block that have taken the Scandinavian team to the final phase of the Eurocup. Wass will face tournament in 2021 with 32 years and although he has never been a fixture with Denmark, to maintain his usual regularity (this season he has played 35 of 39 matches with Valencia), it is difficult for Åge Hareide to summon him.

Dani Parejo

Despite not being one of the captain's best seasons, he is still the team's leader on and off the field of play and his numbers confirm this. (top scorer of the team with 10 goals and 6 assists). However, in the last calls had been left out and his participation in the Euro was in serious doubt.

It was Luis Enrique who recruited him for the first time a year ago today and from that moment he went to the two subsequent calls, including the first of Robert Moreno. But with the former coach he fell into ostracism and he stayed in Valencia on the following calls. The Luis Enrique's return benefits him since it was the Asturian who bet on him, which gives him more revenue, but on the other hand, it is true that when the 2021 Euro Cup is played the midfielder will already have 32 years.