The 'Centenariazo' of Deportivo becomes of age

The 'Centenariazo' of Deportivo who starred Deportivo against Real Madrid in the Copa del Rey of 2002, what coincided with the hundred years of the white team and the competition and who played at the Santiago Bernabéu stadium this Friday meets the majority old.

18 years have passed since that March 6, 2002 in which the Deportivo, who now fights for permanence in Second Division, went to the field dReal Madrid to play a Cup final in which the locals They were the favorites, although the party ended up being blue and white.

In the Galician complex, Javier Irureta aligned Molina; Scaloni, César, Naybet, Romero; Mauro Silva, Sergio; Victor, Valerón, Fran; and Tristan.

The Argentine Duscher supplied Valerón at 63 minutes; Capdevila Fran at 82; and the Brazilian Djalminha to Victor in 84.

In Real Madrid, Vicente del Bosque raised the final with César; Salgado, Hierro, Pavón, Roberto Carlos; Helguera, Makelele; Figo, Raul, Zidane; and Morientes at eleven.

Solari replaced Pavón after the break, Guti Morientes in the minute 66 and McManaman to Figo in 81.

Deportivo went ahead in five minutes with a goal from Sergio, who left behind Hierro, avoided Míchel Salgado and slipped the ball under of César's legs; and scored the second to seven minutes to go of the first part after a Valerón assistance to Tristán.

Real Madrid reacted in the second half with a goal from Raúl to Morientes pass at 58 minutes, but Deportivo resisted and conquered his second Copa del Rey on the same stage in which he had raised the first in 1995, then with Valencia as an adversary.

The media baptized that triumph of Deportivo against Real Madrid as the 'Centenariazo' Cup, in allusion to the celebration of the centenary of the white club and the memory of the 'Maracanazo', name with which the victory of Uruguay was for history, against prognosis, before Brazil, which acted as a local, in the 1950 World Cup.

Eighteen years after that March 6, 2002, the 'Centenariazo' He has become of age.