The case of Daniel Sancho, in figures: from the 120 million results on Google to the increase in his father’s followers

When you type their name into Google, the answer is clear: more than 120 million results in 0.37 seconds. In case of daniel sancho rumbles in any corner of the world. It’s been ten days since Daniel confessed to the Thai police about the murder of the Colombian surgeon. Edwin Arrieta. However, any news about the crime continues to occupy the front pages of national and international media.

If we search for Rodolfo Sancho’s son in any browser, the results grow like foam. The videos of the Spanish chef, which he posted on YouTube while showing his recipes, already reach thousands of views.

Likewise, the statements he gave exclusively to the Ana Rosa Programwhere he assured that the Thai police “treated him very well”, already exceeds 10,000 views on the program’s social networks.

Daniel Sancho's daily routine in jail: shared cell with 20 prisoners and Buddhist prayers |  Zero Wave Radio

The actor, who has also been indirectly involved in the case due to his parental relationship with Daniel, has also raised interest. As reported The SpanishRodolfo Sancho has accumulated 30,000 new followers since the case was uncovered on August 1.

Far from going to Thailand, as initially thought, Daniel Sancho’s father has taken refuge from the media crowd in Formentera, where he lives with the actress Toasted Xeniahis life partner for more than ten years.

End your isolation

Now, that his period of strict isolation in the Thai prison on Koh Samui has ended this Thursday, Rodolfo Sancho’s son can now receive visits from his relatives and even from the staff of the Spanish Embassy in Thailand.

On the other hand, the end of the young man’s isolation includes another big change: he can now meet with the rest of the prisoners. However, according to EFE reports, the Spanish chef will remain in the hospital area of ​​the prison facilities and will not yet meet with the rest of his colleagues for different reasons that have not yet been revealed.

Thus, it is unknown when will be the exact day on which Daniel will live with the rest of the convicts as normal. What is a reality are the visits from his relatives, who have begun with his mother’s Silvia Bronchalo.