The capricious ‘Don Fútbol’ walks through Montilivi

In life, 2 + 2 is 4. Or at least, almost always. But not in football. This blessed sport does not understand meritocracy. The one who scores one more goal than the rival wins. Point. And it doesn't matter how the movie went. A good example of this is how the Girona to the Spanish this Saturday. The blue and white team put the domain, the initiative and, for the most part, the approaches to the opposite goal. But the only goal was from the rojiblanco box, and for this reason the three points remained in Montilivi.

eye! What has been explained so far does not seek to defend the idea that the triumph of the Girona not be fair. Rather the complete opposite. The cold data says that in possession of the ball the law imposed Spanish in a 65-35. He also asserts that in terms of shooting those of Vicente Moreno They tried 27 while Francisco's stayed at 10. But in the end, these numbers are useless for practical purposes.

Neither Raúl De Tomás, nor Embarba, Nor Puado nor were any of Vicente Moreno's pupils able to beat a Juan Carlos who added his candidacy to those of José Juan and Ramón Juan as revelation goalkeepers of the week. So. No more. Without extravagant names or surnames and with only one dress: the one from the stops.

Little can be reproached for this Spanish when it comes to attitude and much to commend a Girona who did what he had to do: mark and not fit. From there, there will be those who speak of injustice, miracle or whatever they want, but the only truth is that the whims of ‘Don Fútbol’, although inexplicable, sometimes lead to results such as the Girona-Espanyol of this Saturday.