The burning pulse for Europe of Atleti, Real Madrid and Madrid CFF

The Primera Iberdrola has started its second round with great emotion in the fight for the Champions zone, which this season went from two to three places in the European classification. With a triple Madrid tie for third place and up to six applicants bidding for the two positions that continue to Europe for Barça, a leader more than outstanding with full of victories and three or four games less than their rivals in the noble zone.

The situation tightened in the Champions zone after the defeat of Real Madrid (3rd, 34 points) against the Barça team (4-1) and the victory of Levante (2nd, 37 points), who overtook White to be second after beating Deportivo 1-3 in Abegondo. The victories of Atlético and Madrid CFF 2-1 against Eibar and Rayo Vallecano, respectively, also influenced. Both Madrid clubs equal Real Madrid with 34 points from fourth and fifth place.

But these are not the only teams bidding for the European qualification. Too Real Sociedad and Granadilla appear sixth and seventh with 30 points added. In this way, the resolution of the first places, with the focus on the second and third places, is presented as one of the great attractions of this First Iberdrola.

It should be remembered that among the aspiring Champions there are teams like Levante, Granadilla or Madrid CFF that have not yet met Barça due to postponements. And that both Real Madrid and Atlético have signed one of their defeats against the Catalans, who have not presented a trace of doubt in their results, with an average of five goals per game. The Valencian team will face Barça next Wednesday, in a match ball of the granotas to continue dreaming of Europe.

On the next day, which will take place on February 6 and 7, the I raised will visit Rayo Vallecano. Meanwhile, the Barça will travel to La Rioja to face Logroño, the Real Madrid will receive Valencia in Valdebebas and Athletic he will fly to Tenerife to play with Granadilla. Regarding the Madrid CFF, White will face Real Sociedad in Zubieta.

The Champions, greater incentive in a convulsed end of season

To all this, it is added that everything walks with the great doubt of whether the season will be suspended or it can be consumed completely. A fact that makes pursuing the objective as soon as possible in the face of the fear of a possible suspension of the League with a resolution by coefficients. As indicated in the RFEF rules for Primera Iberdrola, the coefficient system will be implemented if 50% of the competition is exceeded, figure that if not reached will determine the season as void without promotions, relegation or champion.

The coefficients will run “provided that the number of matches not played by the specific team is not more than 20% of the majority of the teams in the same competition.” “If the difference in matches for that specific team is greater than 20%, the coefficient criterion will be taken into account solely and exclusively for the purposes of determining which are the clubs that are relegated in category and provided that the specific team was in one of those categories. positions of descent by the points obtained until that moment “, it is specified from the Federation.