The Bundesliga, without public, a bargain for visitors

The Bundesliga He returned on May 16 behind closed doors and with strict security measures. It is a new football that is being played as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and it has become a bargain for visitors. Until the obligatory stoppage, the winning percentage of the local teams was 43.3% and after the championship resumed, already without an audience, it has dropped by half (21.7%).

In the 46 games held since the competition resumed in Germany There have been 22 visiting wins (47.8%), 14 draws (30.5%) and only 10 local wins (21.7%), although half of them resolved by a landslide.

The German First Division was suspended by Covid-19 with 25 days played (224 games in total), with 97 wins for local teams (43.3%), while the visitors reached a total of 78 victories (34.8%). The number of ties was 49 (21.9%).

After playing five full days after the break for the Covid-19 (45 games), to which must be added the Werder Bremen-Eintracht (0-3), a postponed match of day 24 that was played on June 3, the foreign teams are showing themselves very comfortable on the pitch and scoring many points without the pressure of the fans of the teams that play in their soulless stadiums.

On the first day ‘post-coronavirus’
, number 26, there was hardly a local victory: Borussia Dortmund's 4-0 win over Schalke. The rest were three draws and five visiting wins.

On Matchday 27, almost more of the same since only two teams carried out their home games: Hertha-Unión Berlin (4-0) and Bayern Munich-Eintracht Frankfurt (5-2). They were joined by two draws and again five foreign wins.

Matchday 28 was marked by the tied (5). The only two who won on their field were Hoffenheim to Cologne (3-1) and Fortuna to Schalke (2-1), who were joined by two visiting victories.

Curiously, on matchday 29 there was no tie, but again the dominance of the visiting teams was reflected with the highest number of wins so far (6) after the break. The three teams that beat at home were Hertha at Augsburg (2-0), Bayern Munich at Fortuna (5-0) and Borussia Mönchengladbach at Union Berlin (4-1).

On this last day, the 30 of the calendar, of the nine matches played between Friday and this Sunday, there were only two local wins (1-0 from Freiburg to Gladbach and another 1-0 of Borussia Dortmund against Hertha), four draws and three away victories .

Nobody coughs Bayern at the Allianz Arena

In the absence of four days for the conclusion of the Bundesliga, Bayern Munich he has all the numbers to revalidate his title of champion of Germany since his 7 points advantage over Dortmund, who is also not failing at home, when there are only 12 points left in play.

The Bavarians have not noticed at all playing without the encouragement of their numerous and faithful fans of Allianz Arena since the two games that have played at home after the break due to the coronavirus were resolved with two “hands”: 5-2 to Eintracht Frankfurt and 5-0 to Fortuna.