The brown of the Potota: Borrego has been “stuck” for 14 days due to her phobia of going to the bathroom outside the house (arf!)

The sister of Terelu Campos He has been on the island for thirty days now. Survivors and he has proven the hard way that his biggest enemies in Honduras are not mosquitoes, hunger or even the sun itself. Angel Cristo Jr. The biggest problem of Carmen Borrego It’s doing ‘poop’. The team doctor has diagnosed it and transmitted it Jorge Javier Vazquez as only he knows how to do: “She suffers from social constipation, that is, when she is surrounded by people, her asshole closes up and she can’t shit.”

It might seem like a joke and the topic is ripe for all kinds of jokes, but the truth is that the ‘survivor’ has not had a bowel movement for 15 days and is suffering from severe stomach pains: “Maybe my intestine has died”, he commented with his companions. This Friday, the doctor Cesar Carballo has given the keys to understand Borrego’s illness a little more: “It is not a pleasant place to have a bowel movement, the diet is not good, they are probably a little dehydrated…”, he explained.

Obviously, Carmen’s circumstances are peculiar but ‘social constipation’ is not such a strange pathology: “It is more common than we think. 10% of people have it”, the doctor explained. There are two types of ‘social constipation’: the first would be the passenger, “which is very common, we don’t want to do it in places other than our home,” said Carballo. “And another is the complicated one, that of social phobia, and there are people whose lives and work are affected.”

Between the tips of the doctor to cope with it, two stand out: bring your own wipes y Find a bathroom where you feel safe.