The British culture minister's argument against the Super League

Reactions against the creation of the European Super League continue to multiply throughout the old continent. The British Prime Minister, Boris johnson, spoke yesterday against the new format promoted by 12 clubs from Spain, England and Italy and the Spanish government has also shown its opposition. The last to speak out against the Super League was the British culture minister, Oliver Dowden, with a moving plea in parliament.

“Yes Premier Y UEFA they don't act, we will. We will do whatever it takes to stop this. For many fans, football is almost unrecognizable from what it was decades ago, ”said the minister in an exciting and historic speech. “We will put all options on the table to prevent this from happening. We are looking at all the options, from government reform to competition law, in addition to looking at mechanisms that allow football to be organized in the United Kingdom, “he said.

“Football is in the British DNA,” he claimed. “It was invented in the UKIt was exported around the world and has been at the heart of British life for more than a century ”, the politician's intervention began. “Soccer clubs are not just businesses; they “define” their own communities, “he continued. Dowden.

“Like all members of this chamber, I was horrified to learn of a small group of clubs that wanted to form a European separatist league. These six clubs announced the decision without consulting the soccer authorities or the government. Worse still, they did it without talking to their own fans, “said the minister.

“The owners of these clubs will not be able to ignore the roar of outrage from all areas of the soccer community during the last 24 hours. This movement goes against the very spirit of football. It is a sport where a team like him Leicester city left to ascend from League One (3rd) to be crowned champion of the Premier League in less than a decade, to face the great European clubs in the Champions League”, He recalled Dowden.

Instead, a handful of owners want to create a closed club system, a league based on wealth and brand recognition, rather than sporting merit. We will not tolerate that soccer is cowardly stripped of the things that make it the most beloved sport by millions of people around the country, ”said the politician.

“We will not hesitate to protect one of our national institutions, football. Today I have met with the Premier League, The FA and the president of UEFA (…) The authorities have robust rules to deal with these matters, and I understand that they are already looking at options to face this situation. I have spoken with the Prime Minister this morning, and we are working quickly within the Government and with the football authorities, “he concluded. Dowden.