The bracelet that unleashes new suspicions about Genoveva Casanova and Federico of Denmark

The link that unites Genoveva Casanova con Frederick of Denmark He remains in the spotlight more than two months after his photos were published in Madrid. Queen Margaret's son was crowned a few days ago as king of Denmark and the Mexican, who denied a romantic relationship with the then crown prince, remains missing, but the trickle of information about them does not stop. In fact, a new detail about Mary Donaldson's husband draws powerful attention.

On the day of its proclamation, Federico wore a handmade bracelet from a Copenhagen company that matched another one that Genoveva has.. The monarch's piece, valued at 2,000 euros, is practically the same as one of the jewels that former Cayetano Martínez de Irujo has worn publicly on more than one occasion, as reported this Wednesday Readings.

“We have collected a lot more information, because time since the photographs are published is very short,” said Luis Pliego, director of the aforementioned magazine, on Antena 3. In his words, the Mexican is feeling “perfectly” despite the concern that her state of health recently caused. The journalist has also clarified that the photographs of both “did not pass through Genoveva's hands” and that “talking about blackmail is something very strong.”

This information comes after journalist Paloma García Pelayo stated that Genoveva and Federico “are still in contact.” “Federico is aware of his friend's every movement. Genoveva said that friends talk and today I can say that Federico supports her in everything she does,” she explained. “The monarch is a support for the Mexican in every way.”

In this sense, it was also commented that the silence that Luis and Amina's mother has maintained during these months would be by common agreement with the new king of Denmark, who is the one protecting her at the moment: “The decision is firm because Silence is the only thing that can benefit Genoveva. It suits her and protects her.”

Except for three social media posts and one bland statement (“I'm staying out of it”), Genoveva has opted for silence since she starred on that cover with the then prince of Denmark. Many even suggested that he would act under the orders of the Royal House or even that they would be paying for his silence.