The Boss arrives in Madrid

  • Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band 2024 World Tour lands this Tuesday in the capital and will also pass through Barcelona

Up to 126 agents from the Madrid Municipal Police will guarantee security at the concerts that will be held Bruce Springsteen at the Cívitas Metropolitano stadium in the capital on June 12, 14 and 17. Everything is prepared for the return of The Boss to Spain. As he passed through the country, The legendary singer will also return to Barcelona, ​​where he performs on June 20 and 22, 2024 at the Lluis Companys Olympic Stadium. All framed in Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band 2024 World Tour, an authentic spectacle that lovers of rock and its music await like May water and that for a moment they saw themselves in danger due to the problems in the 74-year-old artist’s voice and other health problems, since the rocker from New Jersey has recently been diagnosed with a peptic ulcer disease, which affects the inner lining of the stomach and to the small intestine.

Springsteen smiles during his world tour but also on his personal one, as he has already been married to Patti Scialfa for 33 years. The two met in 1984, when she joined the E Street Band. But in October of that year, Bruce’s heart was occupied by a beautiful 24-year-old model. He was so crazy about the young Catholic woman (like him), that it was then that she worked herself up for months in the gym.

Julianne Phillips was a supermodel and at her age she was already earning close to $2,000 a day thanks to her work with the best agency on the planet. She decided to take one of her jewels to Los Angeles to try her luck in film and television, where she made a career shortly after.

While the redhead of Sicilian origin was qualifying to be admitted to the E Street Band, Bruce did not pay as much attention to her as he did to another girl. He pulled the strings to get his favorite model to appear in his video clip. Glory Days. The song was recorded in 1982, although the video was published in 1985. The singer was crazy about Julianne. The mannequin and the rocker, who are like the American version of the tonadillera and the bullfighter here, were married in May 1985.

But if Bruce was crazy about Julianne, once he put the ring on her, his love began to fall apart. If anyone can say that there is no greater enemy of passion than marriage, it is Julianne. We don’t say it: the singer himself describes those feelings in the songs that would make up The Tunnel Of Lovea work published in 1987 and which is an ode to the death of his love for his first wife.

It didn’t take long for the author of Born in the USA in recovering the illusion with his partner Patricia Scialfa, since that same year he began his romance with the multi-instrumentalist, as reported in publications of the time. However, the singer remained married to the model, whom he divorced in 1989.

For Patti, he was the man she wanted to spend her life with and have children with. And she made it happen. First she decided to put aside her musical aspirations, to the point of postponing the publication of her own album, to give herself body and soul to Springsteen. Not only did she settle in her house, but she decided to accompany the singer around the world, again as a member of the E Street Band. From then on, they would hardly be separated at all.

Although he obtained a divorce from model Julianne Phillip in 1989, who succeeded as an actress in the mid-90s with the series Sisters, the Boss initially resisted formalizing his love with the redhead. In fact, it arrived earlier. the couple’s first child, Evan, who was born in July 1990he once divorced his first wife, but before he decided to remarry in June 1991. Only they – Catholics – know if they made the decision to make their union official due to Patti’s new pregnancy, since The couple’s second child, the Amazon Jessica, would be born seven months after the wedding..

The Springsteen closed the family quota with Samuel Ryal, who was born in 1995 and decided to become a firefighter a few years ago in New Jersey. In July 2022, Sam made Bruce and Patti grandparents for the first time when their daughter Lily Harper was born in 2022.

The image of a good American and faithful husband that Bruce has managed to outline with his hymns is darkened by the shadow of infidelity: deception has planned on the singer on more than one occasion, although only one young woman has come forward to give details. : Anne Kelly appeared in 2010 and was said to have had an affair with the artist after the two met at a gym.

The United States tabloid press soon made headlines about the supposed romance, while Boss and Patricia clung to their Christian beliefs to save their marriage. At least, that’s what Anne Kelly implied during her media tour.