The Bills won’t play at the Bengals on Sunday night football | Week 9

The Bills won’t play at the Bengals on Sunday night football | Week 9

The Cincinnati Bengals play the Buffalo Bills in Sunday night football. They want to improve their record to 5-3 for the year.

Already 5-3, the Bills can take back first place within the AFC East with a victory. This is because the Dolphins dropped earlier on Sunday within Germany.

It’s funny that even if the Bengals win, they will still be last in the AFC North. The Steelers beat the Ravens easily on Thursday night, and the Browns beat the Cardinals easily earlier on Sunday.

Even so, the Bengals have a good chance of reaching the playoffs with a win (5-3). It wouldn’t be terrible if they had a 4-4 record, but it would be harder to get to the playoffs.

Out of the Bengals, one was listed as out and three were listed as doubtful. Josh Tupou was the only player that was officially out.

Akeem Davis-Gaither, Joe Mixon, as well as Max Scharping were the three players who were called into question. Mixon was by far the most well-known of the group.

The NFL’s Week 9 concludes on Sunday via a very exciting game between the Cincinnati Bengals and the Buffalo Bills.

The severity of their injuries is very important to how this game will go. A few people have already stopped playing as of this writing. Here is a list of all the injuries for both teams.

The Cincinnati Bengals as well as the Buffalo Bills will play each other again on Sunday Night Football.

This time, both teams are trying to make the playoffs and make changes in their divisions. They won’t be healthy enough to play the game.

It seems like every week of the NFL season brings more injuries and worries for teams, fans, as well as fantasy football owners.

With a lot of players who might not play in Week 9, all eyes are going to be on the NFL inactives this Sunday for a number of reasons.

On the Friday injury report, Deshaun Watson, quarterback for the Cleveland Browns, did not have an injury listed. He will play against the Cardinals of Arizona on Sunday.

Kyler Murray is doubtful for the same game and could play over the initial time since hurting his knee last season.

Every week, teams are able to dress 48 players, though the QB and offensive line are the only ones who can play more.

Some teams will mark a quarterback as “inactive” and call him the “third quarterback” or “emergency quarterback,” which means he can play when things get bad.

Depending on the size of the roster and the height of the practice group, teams will usually list between three to seven players who will not play.

Here is the most current data you can find about fantasy football injuries across the whole game.

This depends on the NFL’s Friday medical report, and it will be changed as players are declared inactive.

Morgan is most likely going to fill in over Anderson on special teams. Even though backup blocker Max Scharping wasn’t sure if he would play, the team kept him in and put two linemen on waivers.

Even though linebacker Akeem Davis-Gaither was finally back, Tupou was hurt and couldn’t play a key role in the run defense.

Bengals center Joe Burrow completed 30 passes over 348 yards and two scores. Tee Higgins led the team in receiving with eight catches for 110 yards.

The Bills tried to make a comeback in the fourth quarter, but they failed. With 3:32 left in the game, quarterback Josh Allen hooked up with receiver Stefon Diggs to score a 17-yard touchdown and a successful two-point conversion.

This cut the Bengals’ lead to 24–18. But Cincinnati’s quarterback Joe Mixon scored on a 5-yard run to seal the win.

The Buffalo Bills are going to play the New England Patriots on the road in 2023. They want to get their second division victory of the year.

It’s not easy for the Buffalo Bills to play against the Patriots this season—they’re 1-5—but Bill Belichick isn’t playing.

The Bills have a lot of injured players coming into this game; on Friday, they called off three players for Week 7.

Ed Oliver (defensive tackle), Quintin Morris (tight end), and Damien Harris (running back) were all in this group.