“The biggest injustice we have suffered was that of Barça”

The Champions has become the thorn in the side of the PSG. Barcelona and Real Madrid They have traced the French to take them down in the fight for Orejona. Marco Verrattiplayer present in the duels against whites and azulgranas, has spoken about these moments in an interview with The Parisian.

Photo de Verratti

The Italian midfielder has been asked about the injustices he has experienced with the Parisians in the highest European competition: “There isn’t just one, eh? But the comeback against Barcelona… (6-1, March 8, 2017). That night, whatever happened, we would have lost the game, 3 or 4-1, for sure. But with a different referee and VAR, we would never have taken 6-1.. It is the greatest injustice we have sufferedIt’s been tough.” Verratti wanted to add 2019 to this experience: “A game that hurts, too, is the one that was played against Manchester United (the 1-3 loss on March 6, 2019) because it happened in the year that VAR was introduced. There is always something against us. Without VAR, no one on the pitch would have seen anything, no one would have said anything (about Kimpembe’s handball in the box)… Come on, let’s stop at those two injustices.”

In the memory of the Italian international, the elimination of this season against the Real Madrid: “At this level, in the Champions League, they are games in which everything can happen very quickly. And Real repeated it against Chelsea and Manchester City. Madrid is a team that is used to playing these games and has sufferedr. Here in Paris, we sometimes forget that you have to suffer to win. And that is something we have to understand together: the players, the club and the fans. We are on the pitch, but there is this atmosphere around us that means we always have to win 3, 4 or 5-0. But football is not like that anymore. There are no longer small teams in the Champions League”.

Verrati was willing to talk to PSG fans after what happened this season: “I have no problem with that. If it’s a discussion like today’s, calm and respectful, yes. I know that the fans spend their money on season tickets, on trips… So they have the right to applaud, to whistle at the end of gamesbut if we want to grow together, we must not throw it all away. It’s tough, but Madrid, a great team, eliminated us. Imagine if Villarreal had knocked us out like Bayern Munich, we wouldn’t even have left the stadium! We have to be united to achieve our dream. I know that Paris will become the best club in the world. We just need time”.