The big party that Paloma Cuevas will attend in Barcelona without Luis Miguel but with Esther Alcocer Koplowitz

The 500 red roses that Paloma Cuevas received this Monday, the day she turned 51, celebrated with a family dinner, arrived at her home in Madrid transported by three employees. Such was the weight of the immense bouquet that Luis Miguel, in love with her, sent her for such an important day. The relationship is consolidated a year after learning about this romance that surprised many after the stormy breakup of the socialite and Enrique Ponce, madly in love with the twenty-year-old Ana Soria.

The smile and gestures of the daughter of the bullfighter Victoriano Valencia convey her happiness, confirmed by her father every time he is asked about his daughter’s courtship. “Paloma is very happy, thank God, she has a sensational family, some enviable girls who are wonderful company for her and (Luis Miguel) a great man, a gentleman, as an artist, unmatched and a very good boy.”

The veteran bullfighter, although in poor health at 90 years old, was having lunch with some colleagues from the bullfighting world and denied the secret wedding of his daughter and the Mexican idol, a rumor that spread a few weeks ago in some media, although he does not rule out that Luis Miguel and his daughter will get married in the not too distant future.

Paloma Cuevas was expected these days in the magnificent anthological exhibition that the jeweler Yanes has just inaugurated at the Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando. Cristina Yanes is one of Paloma’s best friends, and she never misses her celebrations.

Because of that intimate friendship, the daughter of the iconic jeweler has her friend Paloma next Sunday in Barcelona, ​​where Cristina Yanes celebrates with her husband, José Luis Santos, their 35 years of marriage. A large party with 400 guests, in one of the Santos hotels, the chain owned by these businessmen, who have previously chosen some of their luxurious establishments, for other family events. The party will once again feature Esther Alcocer Koplowitz, president of Fomento de Construcciones y Contratas, married to Pablo Santos, brother of Cristina Yanes’ husband.

On this occasion, Luis Miguel will not be able to accompany Paloma, as he did at the wedding of designer Rosa Clará’s son in Paris. The Latin American tour of “El Sol de México” takes him to Las Vegas on Sunday, where he performs on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The artist’s tour ends in December in Mexico, where it is said that he will celebrate a romantic New Year’s Eve with Paloma in some dream location.