“The best coach there is for Espanyol is Luis García”

I leave it after Qatar“, warns Bartolome Marquez, Tintin for life as he himself assumes, recently proclaimed best manager of the Qatari League and only parakeet, next to Ernesto Valverde, who has reached two European finals. The former player and coach was released as he passed through the comedy program Flying Parakeet‘, where he exhibited doses of that good humor that has characterized his career and that played a trick on him, almost a lunge, when he commanded the Espanyol bench.

Spanish Shield / Flag

Today, almost 14 years after that experience, the club returns to look for a tenant for its bench. And Márquez is clear: “In football you have to be brave, and sports directors are very afraid. The best coach there is now to go to Espanyol is Luis García. He’s prepared. What has no experience? And which one did Pochettino have, who came from being second in the Women’s? Well, she saved the team, “she reasons. And she abounds: “It is incredible that Luis is not even in the club. Rufete has covered himself with glory by not putting Luis. I do not know who has been the enlightened of the club, when Luis has come to stay with the Damm ahead of Espanyol”.

In fact, Tintin manages to establish a parallelism between Luis García and Xavi Hernandezwho “has been a myth, he leaves Barcelona, ​​he has sucked him since he was little… If he can’t be the coach of Barcelona, ​​who is going to be? I extrapolate it to Luis, couldn’t he be the coach of Juvenil for a three years? Luis has charisma, people would be excited, but at Espanyol they don’t find out“, insists.

Márquez acknowledges having been bored with the team Vincent Moreno: “I follow him… ten minutes. I don’t like to see itThat’s why I don’t see it anymore. I respect the coaches, the one who has been there has done a good job, he got on the team, but it doesn’t go with my game idea“, he sentences. And he values ​​the permanence with Cádiz of a Sergio González who “has saved a team that was impossible to save”in addition to extolling David Gallego: “He is a good coach, but you don’t just have to be good tactically. There are other factors, which fail me and possibly have failed him.“.

Without leaving the news yet, the coach stressed that Thomas Raul it seems to him one of the best strikers in Spain, another thing is his characterbut as a player he is very good.

“My ‘we smell like the dead’ was a premonition, because later they built a funeral home next to the Ciudad Deportiva”

He also addressed his jocular “we smell dead“, the famous phrase that he pronounced after a 3-0 defeat in Santander, ended up sentencing him days later as parakeet coach. But Márquez, of course, takes it as a joke: “It was a premonition, because later they built a funeral home next to the Ciudad Deportiva. there was no other place to put itlaughs the coach, who from that 2008-09 season remembers that the president asked him not to assume the position (“he told me that as assistant coach he was already the fucking master”) and that “On matchday 9 we were one point behind UEFA, but on matchday 14 I was taking the girl to school. We weren’t that bad,” she lamented.

“I’m very proud of my time at EspanyolI have a rock and a door to my name, although I haven’t seen it yet. I haven’t had time to go”, confesses Márquez, who assures that the four seasons he spent as an assistant to Miguel Ángel Lotina (2004-06) and Ernesto Valverde (2006-08)” are the best four years in a row in the history of Espanyol“.