The best cinema to enjoy at home this Christmas: where to watch 'Campeonex', 'Barbie' and the latest 'Indiana Jones' in streaming

The most viewed Spanish film of 2023, with almost two million viewers, is Campeonex, the sequel to the successful comedy that blew up the box office five years ago and elevated the beloved basketball team coached by Javier Gutiérrez. The second part of that cinematographic phenomenon will arrive on Movistar Plus+ on Monday, Christmas Day and, therefore, the most family-friendly day of the year.

In Campeonex, the public will meet again with Jesús Vidal, winner of the Goya for best new actor in 2019, Gloria Ramos, Sergio Olmos, Jesús Lago Solís, José de Luna, Fran Fuentes, Alberto Nieto, Roberto Chinchilla and Stefan López. They are joined by some additions, such as Brianeitor, the gamer y streamer of the moment, who becomes the star of this new installment, or Claudia Fesser, daughter of the film's director, Javier Fesser.

The champions' new adventure leads them to abandon basketball to mistakenly enter the world of athletics with a novice coach, played by newcomer Elisa Hipólito. The premiere of Campeonex on Movistar Plus+ coincides with the arrival in movie theaters of the North American adaptation of this film, titled Championswith Woody Harrelson in the main role played in Spain by Javier Gutiérrez in the original version which, by the way, can already be seen on Movistar Plus+, Prime Video and RTVE Play.

The Christmas holidays, regardless of whether they are spent with the family or not, invite us to watch more movies than ever. The platforms offer some of the most important titles of the year to be enjoyed from the couch. In addition, they have taken advantage of the last few days to post several important news for 2023 that we are about to finalize. It is the case of Barbie o Indiana Jones and the dial of destiny, recently arrived in the HBO Max and Disney+ catalogue, respectively.

The best movies to watch at home this Christmas

  • '20,000 species…' (Movistar Plus+). It is the film with the most Goya nominations (15) and its protagonist, Sofía Otero, made history at the Berlinale as the second youngest actress to win the Silver Bear. She plays an 8-year-old trans girl in search of her identity.
  • ‘Transformers’ (SkyShowtime). The seventh part of this saga, titled The Awakening of the Beasts, presents an adventure with a new race of Transformers – the Maximals – in the existing battle on Earth between the Autobots and the Decepticons.
  • ‘Barbie’ (HBO Max). The great phenomenon of the year has grossed more than 1.2 billion euros at the box office and is the favorite for the next Golden Globes with nine nominations. Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling star in the film directed by Greta Gerwig.
  • ‘Indiana Jones’ (Disney+). Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, the latest installment of this iconic franchise starring the incombustible Harrison Ford, is now available. The previous parts are also streaming, through Disney+ or SkyShowtime.
  • 'Nyad' (Netflix). Annette Bening and Jodie Foster are up for the Golden Globe for this entertaining story of overcoming and effort that tells the feat of swimmer Diana Nyad in her attempt to swim the 180 km journey between Cuba and Florida.
  • ‘Air’ (Prime Video). The story of Michael Jordan and his contract with Nike to create the famous line of Air Jordan sneakers is reflected in this film starring Ben Affleck and Matt Damon as the company's two top executives.
  • 'The Sense of Water' (Disney+). Thirteen years after the acclaimed Avatar, James Cameron returned with a sequel that swept last Christmas. For a few months now it can be seen on television. The third part of the saga will not arrive until 2025.
  • 'Leave the world…' (Netflix). The Obamas, through their production company, are behind this apocalyptic film that depicts the United States on the brink of collapse due to a cyber attack. Starring Julia Roberts, it is being a success on the platform.
  • 'The Little Mermaid' (Disney+). Halle Bailey plays a Little Mermaid who is black for the first time, something that sparked controversy when it was announced, although the controversy disappeared as soon as the film was released. Javier Bardem plays King Triton.
  • 'Vacation from…' (Netflix). The most watched Spanish film, until the premiere of Campeonex, was Summer Vacation, a comedy directed and starring Santiago Segura, which releases a blockbuster every year. Leo Harlem accompanies him on this new adventure.