The battery of “demands” that Nuria González prepares after the death of Fernández Tapias: “Her children are destroyed”

Since Fernando Fernandez Tapias died at the age of 84 on October 25, his widow’s relationship with her older children has taken center stage. Weeks after the death of the businessman and first vice president of Real Madrid, Nuria Gonzalez I would be considering taking legal measures.

“Fernández Tapias’ widow explodes and makes the decision: there will be lawsuits. Nuria faces those who accuse her of separating her husband from her other children. And although her stepchildren deny the tension, she continues to receive criticism,” they announced this Sunday on Telecinco.

Alejandra Rubiowho knows Nuria herself very well, gave her opinion on the matter: “Nuria is a close friend of my mother and for us she is part of the family just like Fernando. I think Nuria has been very criticized for how things happened, for the age difference… There has always been a ‘but’ for Nuria, which doesn’t seem fair to me either. She is the one who has been with him all this time and no one can take that away from her.”

At the same time, María Teresa Campos’ granddaughter also spoke about González’s relationship with the deceased businessman’s older children: “Many things are said, there is no need to dramatize. Nuria has not sought conflict, nor was she for this, and even less having children who were destroyed. In this sense, Emma García insisted: “Nuria González has announced that she is going to sue anyone who questions her relationship.”

It must be remembered that the eldest children of Fernández Tapias filed a lawsuit against their father in 2021 to legally incapacitate him and thus challenge the transfer of powers that he had initiated months before in his business conglomerate. Fernández Tapias dismissed the seniors (Fernando, Borja e Íñigofruit of his first marriage with Chiqui Riva de Luna) in favor of his other children Juan Carlos y Sandraborn from his second marriage with Juana García-Courel. Nuria González, in turn, began to have a very important role in their companies. At the businessman’s funeral home the focus was on the alleged family tensions. In addition, two obituaries were published, one by Nuria and her children. Ivan (20) y Alma (16); and another by the other five. The opening of the will will clarify what will be for the widow and what for the older children.