The Basque Football Federation does not give up official status, despite the negative response from UEFA and FIFA


The Basque Football Federation has announced that it will continue to take steps to try to make the Euskal Selekzioa official, despite the negative response from UEFA and FIFA.

“We will continue working to achieve the objective that we set for this legislature, which is none other than to take firm steps towards the official status of the Basque national teams based on collaboration and consensus,” explained the president of the EFF- FVF, Javier Landeta.

After appearing this Wednesday in the Basque Parliament, Landeta has assured that “the task is difficult” and exceeds his functions and powers, but he will continue working in this regard.

In addition, he has sent a message to the political formations with representation in the Basque Parliament. “It is you who have to take steps that favor this objective and, if you achieve it and obtain favorable socio-political conditions, we can resubmit both requests,” she said.