The basketball teams, the Davis Cup team and the ‘Warriors’, recognized by the APDM

MADRID, Jan. 27 (SportsFinding) –

The men's and women's basketball teams, the Spanish Davis Cup team and the Spanish women's handball team, among others, received the 2019 APDM Awards on Monday at the Madrid Sports Press Association gala held at El Corte English from Sanchinarro (Madrid).

The teams trained by Sergio Scariolo and Lucas Mondelo received one of the awards recognized for their spectacular 2019, in which world and European champions were proclaimed, respectively.

“For us, titles are just as important as the sponsors that help us to promote this sport. The successes of this summer have been a success of the Spanish basketball team and this trophy is an obvious example of its improvement,” said the Director General of the Spanish Basketball Federation (FEB), Oscar Graefenhain, after collecting the prize on behalf of both teams.

The Spanish women's handball team, the 'Guerreras', were also awarded for their silver medal at the World Cup in Japan, and the Spanish soccer teams U21 and U19, both continental champions.

“Today is the day of the 'Warriors', for the great success and the work they have done. No one gave anything for this team, we managed to be in a final, we managed to reach the top, and in 2021, how we organized the World Cup , the goal is to get gold, “said the president of the Royal Spanish Handball Federation (RFEBM), Paco Blázquez, after collecting the award.

For his part, the U21 coach and responsible for collecting the trophy, Luis de la Fuente, said that one of his “main objectives” with the team is to get “a medal” at the Tokyo Olympics. “We are very ambitious and our goal is to continue getting things, we will do our part,” he said.

“I had a teacher who told me that the events in life are unique and unrepeatable. Today is one of those days. I am proud that these types of soccer players, who have given so much pride to Spanish sport, are available in a Olympic appointment, “he added.

On the other hand, the Spanish Davis Cup team also had a place in the gala, which prevailed in the Finals held in November at La Caja Mágica in Madrid. “Winning a Davis Cup is available to very few countries. It has taken almost a hundred years to win it,” said the president of the Royal Spanish Tennis Federation (RFET), Miguel Díaz Román.

“This is not simple, it is a historical myth that we are getting used to by the level of our players, but it costs a lot. In addition, Madrid did not have the best circumstances for our team, indoor track, altitude. Then, the casualties and injuries, made the tournament even more difficult, “he said.

The APDM also recognized El Corte Inglés for its support of the sport; to Common Goal-Juan Mata, for its 1% solidarity initiative; and Real Madrid basketball coach Pablo Laso. “I enjoy the day to day, the way. I am lucky to be in a great club, with managers, press and players,” said the coach of the white team.

“Today is a strange day. Yesterday I got the news that Kobe Bryant had passed away, 10 minutes after the end of the game we were talking about what had happened. In his case, everything he did for him went through the screen basketball, “he confessed regarding the recent death of the American last Sunday.


On the other hand, they received the Champions League award as the best event in 2019; to the OTT of LaLiga and LaLigaSportstv, on behalf of which the president, Javier Tebas, who took the award picked up the award to speak on behalf of the institution about the recent racist insults on the Athletic Club forward Iñaki Williams.

“LaLiga, as the organizer of the championship, is responsible for the safety of all. This weekend we have not fulfilled that responsibility, so we have to do self-criticism and rectify. We have to review the regulations with the sale of tickets from the fans visitor, because you can not repeat what happened, “said Thebes.

In this regard, he reiterated his intention to “eliminate racist insults, looking for a new way to correct the error.” “We have to take a step, even if it is a minority part of the stadium. We cannot be aware of whether it has been heard or not heard. No player is going to fool a referee about an insult against his dignity,” he said.

For his part, the person in charge of collecting the prize on behalf of the Champions League, Enrique Cerezo, president of Atlético de Madrid, stressed the “importance” that the last final of the maximum European competition played in the final Wanda Metropolitano between Liverpool and Tottenham. “Although we did not play any Spanish team, it was beautiful, there was no incident,” he said.

“The two teams have a bad reputation, but here they behaved very well, there was no incident. We set the field and it seemed fantastic that everything went well. We have played three finals and we have not won any, so the 'Champions' He owes something, “Cerezo said.

In addition to the above, the APDM paid a special tribute to the memory of Blanca Fernández Ochoa, who died in 2019, and gave a special mention to the members of the police device that participated in the organization of the 'Champions' final: National Police, Civil Guard, Municipal Police and Civil Protection.

“The images still affect me. It is an honor to collect this award on behalf of my sister. Many of you here will have interviewed her during her career, but few knew her personally. She was sincere and very special, the best prize of her career has been those shows respect and affection that you have had all the media, “said his sister, Lola Fernández Ochoa.

The APDM prize for the journalistic trajectory corresponded to Gallego & Rey, with almost forty years of experience and protagonists of the exhibition that until February 9 is open to the public on the 1- terrace floor of El Corte Inglés de Sanchinarro.