The Badajoz squad denounces “serious discrimination” and non-payment by the club


The footballers of the first team of the Club Deportivo Badajoz denounced this Wednesday the non-payments by the board and the “serious discrimination” in which it is incurring by treating the players differently according to their performance.

The footballers of the Badajoz team of the First RFEF issued a statement through the Association of Spanish Footballers (AFE) to publicize “the situation” that they are currently experiencing “with total transparency and with the aim of finding a prompt and satisfactory solution for the entity and for all the people who are part of the club at these important times for its future”.

“The club owes the first team footballers amounts from last season and between three and five monthly installments from the current one, giving rise to the fact that payments are being made to players based on the club’s sporting interests, paying footballers who considers that they generate greater performance, not doing it to other teammates who, apparently, count less for the entity,” warned the Badajoz squad.

For players, the latter represents “serious discrimination at work that cannot be ignored.” “It affects his dignity and his reputation, so we demand equal treatment for all members of the club, so that no one sees their most basic rights as a worker violated,” they added.

In this sense, they consider that the events are “even more serious when they occur after having transferred this squad to the club’s management that there are footballers who have urgent financial needs, motivated by non-payments, which are causing them anguish and discomfort”.

“To the lack of payment of salaries is added the instability that we are experiencing in the club, with the problem of its sale and the recent request for the pre-bankruptcy of creditors. Every time we achieve some internal stability and the sporting results are positive, we find ourselves with circumstances that hinder everything and take us away from our objective”, stressed the squad of the Extremaduran team, fifth classified in Group 1 of the First RFEF.

The footballers made it clear that they do not understand some “ways of acting” of the board, such as the fact that “external services are being hired to perform functions of club workers who have been unpaid for a long time.”

The squad thanked “the backing and support of the fans”, who, aware of their situation, are supporting them “unconditionally”. “We have shown the commitment of all of us who signed this statement to continue offering the maximum of our possibilities, all our professionalism and the greatest dedication with the aim of moving the project forward,” he said.

“But we cannot consent to discriminatory treatment that undermines the team’s unity, so we urge the club’s management to resolve this situation as soon as possible. Otherwise, we will be forced to take the appropriate legal action to defend our legitimate rights”, sentenced the soccer players.