The augury that unites Espanyol de Moreno with that of Camacho

After a spectacular start, the 3-0 of the first day against Albacete, the 0-0 last weekend against Mallorca returned Espanyol to firm ground, especially to the spirits of his environment, who keeps your aspirations logically intact in the only but ambitious challenge of the season: promotion to First Division. And you can see Vicente Moreno's team in the mirror of which, directed by José Antonio Camacho, changed his destiny after drawing equally at home and also without goals against Mallorca.

That Espanyol of the 1993-94 season was shaken, the previous experience in Segunda, after a most irregular start, with two wins, two draws and two defeats in their first six games. He October 17, in Sarrià, had no choice but to try to straighten the course before the Mallorca of the Prats, Pedraza, Milojevic or Juan Sánchez. But Toni, Eloy, Galiamin, Torres Mestre, Francisco, Korneiev and company were unable to go from a tie to zero, which lowered the blue and white squad to a worrying twelfth place In the table. Very far from the desired promotion.

Espanyol Shield / Flag

However, that Espanyol 0 – Mallorca 0 would mean a historic turning point. Since then, Camacho's squad would link a whopping 21 days undefeated, with a spectacular baggage of 15 wins and six draws. Or what is the same, with 36 points out of 42 possible, considering that the triumphs still added two and not three units like now.

Obviously, that immaculate streak of 27 years ago served Espanyol to rise up to the leadership, which he would never abandon until he was promoted as champion in the category with 52 points. An example to be followed by this team that is pursuing exactly the same company. And what part, as then, with a 0-0 at home against him Majorca.