The Atlético fans are clear about which march of a youth squad hurt the most

The quarry of Atlético de Madrid It has become a gold mine for the rojiblanco club in recent years. More than 300 million euros have been pocketed by the mattresses in the sales of players trained at their academy since the ban was opened in 2007 with the transfer of Fernando Torres to the Liverpool for 36 million.

Then they followed him David de Gea, Domínguez, Camacho, Óliver Torres, Borja Bastón, Theo and Lucas Hernández, Rodrigo and Thomas Partey.

The homegrown players have always been the ‘spoiled children’ of the rojiblanca fans and their departure tends to suffer more than that of any other footballer. For this reason, MD wanted to press the opinion of the red-and-white fans with a survey in which the question was which march had hurt more than those of the last decade.

And the results are illuminating. Because the one that the rojiblancos fans felt the most is that of Rodrigo Hernandez to Manchester City last summer. The English club paid the 70 million euros that appeared in its termination clause to take the Madrilenian, who had returned to Atlético only a year earlier after leaving for Villarreal as a youth. Absolute and young international, he was a midfielder for a decade at the Metropolitano. Thus, 55% of the participants voted for Rodrigo.

The one that hurt the least was Theo Hernandez. Real Madrid paid two million euros more than its clause to avoid problems with Atlético reflected for a footballer who had not even made his official debut with the first team. Only 0.85% of the votes went to the French.

However, his brother's Luke it hurt more. Because it is the second that has received the most votes. Specifically, 22.5%. It is followed by Thomas (8.7%), Oliver Torres (5.75%), Dominguez (3.79%), and From Gea (3.47%), being that of the Manchester United goalkeeper the second march that hurt less for the mattress fans.