The arrival of Antonio Tejado to the courts to testify for the robbery at the home of his aunt, María del Monte

This is the first image of Antonio Tejado since his entry into provisional prison on February 12. About a month later, the nephew of Maria del Monte He has arrived at court to testify about the assault and robbery of his aunt’s chalet, located in Gines, Seville.

Chayo Mohedano’s ex, accused of being the alleged mastermind of the assault and robbery with violence, arrived at the Prado judicial authorities around 10 in the morning on Friday, March 15. He has been transferred in a police van from the Seville I prison. Guarded by the National Police, he has walked from the cells of the Court to the annex building of the courts.

The nephew of the interpreter Sing me appears behind closed doors before the investigating judge of the case, Juan Gutiérrez Casillas, after his aunt and his wife, the journalist Immaculate Casal, they did so on February 16, when they stressed to the press that they trusted “the judicial system of Spain.” Tejado refused to testify at first, but once his defense strategy was established, he requested this voluntary statement before the judge.

The former contestant of Big Brother Duo He will have to face the questions that the judge and the prosecutor put on the table, in addition to revealing whether or not he offered information to the five hooded men who carried out the robbery. Likewise, he will have to explain the calls collected in ‘Operation Abgena’, where he contacted her aunt or her partner to find out what they were doing before going to sleep. It should be remembered that a second mobile phone was found at Tejado’s home that he allegedly used to contact the gang responsible for the events.