The anger of several soldiers for the fantasy of Telecinco with Leonor’s uniform at the Academy of Zaragoza: “They have not given a single one”

The princess Leonor has entered this Thursday, August 17, at the General Military Academy of Zaragoza. His parents, the Kings Felipe IV y Joyas well as his sister, the infanta Sofiahave accompanied her on her first day and have visited with her the facilities of what will be her new home.

Speculation about what Leonor’s new military stage will be like monopolizes all the spotlights. So much so that, one day before her admission, the summer program He was already broadcasting false information about the princess’s uniform at the Academy. According to this Telecinco program, Leonor changes her wardrobe according to these occasions: gala, campaign and sport.

However, as cited in the Official State Gazette (BOE), which approved the uniformity standards of the Armed Forces in 2016, the list of types of military clothing is: Great etiquette, Etiquette, Gala, Acts of special relevance , Daily, Work, Campaign, Specials and Physical Education.

Far from modifying the error, Telecinco stumbled again with Leonor’s military career. The same day of admission, the program it’s already noon showed a controversial montage, where the princess was seen in a foreign military uniform. Once the photograph was broadcast, network users assured that the marks of the physical evidence that accompanied the image did not conform to reality either.

Faced with these erroneous data, the military have not taken long to become aware of the false information and have charged against the Telecinco programs on their social networks. “Disinformation festival”, “the golden age of journalism” or “they have not given a single one”, they wrote on their personal Twitter accounts.