The anecdotes in the Cortes: two minutes of applause for Felipe VI, the very white look of Yolanda Díaz and the hugs of Mónica García

Minutes before starting the Solemn Opening Session, the Congress patio was a hive of press. The colleagues have seen the president of Vox arrive, the earliest riser. “Santiago Abascal, on the left”, has been heard saying in a tone warning cameras and editors. Selfies and huddles in the chamber.

In the previous moments, it has arrived Alberto Núñez Feijóo. She escorted him Cuca Gamarra, who has composed a difficult set of greenish gray jacket suit with barbiecore pink. More talks. The one of Luisa Fernanda Rudi y Pío García Escudero. long conversation Miquel Rocafather of the Constitution, with Federico Trillo. Roca, standing while observing the Chamber, has formed a circle with Meritxell Batet, who has chosen a bright meadow green for her look. Also green, Ana Pastor. The former president of Congress was attentive to her cell phone. I have seen from the tribune of Congress Esperanza Aguirre. She was in the box, looking at the chamber thoughtfully. There is also expectation in the blue bench of the coalition government for the ministers who are taking office for the first time.

Very affectionate, Monica Garcia, head of Health, has launched a fluid orange dress. Mónica hugged her colleagues and took photos with Ernest Urtasun, Minister of Culture; and with Isabel Rodriguez, Housing and Urban Agenda. Discreet in their styles, Isabel and Diana Morant, with neutral colors in gray and black. Always faithful to the nuclear target, Yolanda Diaz. The second vice president and Minister of Labor, has maintained a total connection with Sánchezalso faithful to his infallible blue tailored suit and pink tie.

From Armengol’s speech for diversity to the words of the King

Another detail. The speech of Francina Armengol, in which the president has appealed to diversity. We have seen an intervention that has been marred with cross talk. A noise that has found its end in divided applause. Half of the chamber has not joined in that applause. A tense legislature is approaching.

And the King’s intervention has arrived before a lower House polarized like never before due to the amnesty law. Don Felipe has given a state speech, with a strong presence of the Constitution and calling for unity. He has had some phrases in which he has connected young people – his daughters’ generation – with the constitutional framework, with the legacy that this youth is going to receive: “To face that future with confidence, to face a time of great changes and “Transformations require a democratic framework, such as the one represented by the Constitution, that allows them to live and prosper in freedom, and they need to receive a cohesive and united Spain in which they can develop their lives and project their dreams.” He has repeated the word Constitution up to eight times.

He has also expressed his gratitude for the affection that his daughter Leonor received when she swore the Magna Carta: “Today I want to thank the affection received in this chamber, as well as all the expressions of support from citizens on a day of such importance for Spain.” . A two-minute applause from deputies and senators put an end to the event.