The American press charges Meghan Markle and her ‘ambition’: “Congratulations on getting the big bear”

Two years have passed since Megxit, the name used in the media to refer to the resignation of Meghan Markle and the Prince Harry to the British crown in 2020. Since then, the Dukes of Sussex have lost popularity and have been in the spotlight, especially the Duchess.

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The latest episode of his podcast, Archetypes, has been heavily criticized. In it, Meghan talked about motherhood and what her routine was like with two children: “Lili just started walking, she’s a year and a couple of months old and Archie is just over three years old. So I’m in full swing. I wake up with her and half an hour later Archie gets up, so my husband helps me prepare it.”

Her words have not taken long to have reactions and the American journalist has been especially hard on her Megyn Kelly in The Megyn Kelly Show: “I love that she tries to do the ‘I’m just like you…I make breakfast for my two kids…and I take them to school.’ Hello? That’s called motherhood. Most of us don’t run around looking for credit for it. It’s what you do when you have kids.”

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In addition, he criticized Meghan for “constantly” referring to Harry as “my husband.” “We get it. You bagged the gorilla. Congratulations on getting the big bear. You want us to know. We know,” the announcer sneered. “There seems to be no limit to his appetite for scamming royalty, to whom he owes all of his fame and literally most of his fortune,” she said.

Meghan and Harry decline in popularity

last weekend, DailyMail published the results of the popularity poll of the royal family after the death of Isabel II among British citizens. Meghan and Harry are the worst rated on the list, while he got 53% support, she only got 38%, far behind Guillermo y Kate Middleton with 72% approval.