The Alcorcón clings to Segunda and sinks Lugo

When things don't turn out, it is best to hold on to an idea and push with it through thick and thin. The conviction of believing in what you do helps a lot. Anquela knows it, a great coach who returned to his Alcorcón and imposed his recipe against all odds, winning and losing, but believing in it. Quite the opposite of what Luis César has done, who came to a team installed in the quiet area of ​​the table and who, without winning a single game, has finished in relegation places after lurching in each line-up, an idea in each tactical drawing and an experiment in each day. And of course, it does not work.

Lugo Shield / Flag

Luis César decided to revolutionize (again) the eleven of Lugo and the result was a crowd of players without much sense. Despite the fact that the albivermellos brought together three center-backs and three pivots, it was Alcorcón who had the ball and the approaches, forcing three corners in the first minutes of the game. The game was potter and the sensations became facts at 21 minutes, when a three-pass counter ended with a cross from Marc Gual that Dani Ojeda pushed into a goal unopposed. Ahead on the scoreboard, Alcorcón took a step back and gave the ball to Lugo, who could not appreciate the gesture and hardly created any danger. If those of Anquela did it with two counterattacks that demanded the best of Cantero.

Given the magnitude of the disaster, Luis César made a double change to rest to rebuild the team in a recognizable drawing and implicitly admitting the wrongness of their initial approach. The result could not be more immediate and three minutes after the restart a pottery loss in midfield turned into a counter that Cristian Herrera pushed for goal. With the equalized, Lugo enjoyed his best minutes, taking the ball and chances from an Alcorcón who accused the blow.

Alcorcón Shield / Flag

Penalty was claimed on Campabadal by the locals but the one that was whistled was that of Juanpe, who overstepped the brakes. Cantero stopped him but Ojeda himself clinched the rejection to goal. To complete the skit, Chris Ramos committed another child penalty for Nwakali to score the third. The victory takes Alcorcón out of the descent and sinks a Lugo who, now, sinks into the well and leaves Luis César portrayed and who knows if he stopped.

Luis César: “Campabadal's penalty is very clear”

Lugo's coach, Luis Cesar Sampedro, considered that the arbitration decisions were key in the match against Alcorcón (1-3) by not having called a penalty in a fall of Campabadal against José León with 1-1 on the scoreboard.

“My team entered worse than the rival in the first half, but in the second, we entered better. It is a very clear penalty and it would be final for the game just as it was the first one that was whistled at Alcorcón “ commented in a telematic press conference.

Luis César claimed to feel “a bit of impotence because controversial plays” that happened to the team in the “last three games” have complicated “the possibility of adding three at a time.”

Lugo linked their thirteenth game without winning, the fifth consecutive defeat, and is still in free fall.

“The locker room is discouraged but has to get up. We lost a battle but the war continues to the end. They know it, here there is seniority and experience. We are accumulating unpleasantness, there is not a week in which we are happy, but Lugo did not go down and it is not going to go down, “he said. -EFE

Anchor it: “In Second, what you must not lose is your identity”

“This of the Second is that you go out, go in, go out, go in (downhill) and the only thing not to lose is your identity, knowing how to suffer and be prepared for what is coming, which is going to be very hard, not only for us, but for many teams. The classification, if I tell you the truth, I do not look at it. I know more or less the points that we have and that are needed on 51 “, he indicated. In a telematic press conference, the technician praised the first part of his team in the Anxo Carro and acknowledged that in the second they entered” badly “. “We let Lugo get into the match and then, in the end, we were fortunate enough to score two more goals,” he pointed. Anquela said that “the result” of Lugo “is not unfair” and considered that his team did “more than enough things to win.” -EFE


Arvin appiah (45 ', They do), Cristian Herrera (45 ', Luis Ruiz), Ivan Martinez (57 ', Xisco), Manu Barreiro (66 ', Campabadal), Chris Ramos (66 ', Carrillo), Ernesto Gomez (73 ', Oscar Arribas Pasero), Javier Castro (73 ', Daniel Ojeda), Borja Dominguez (75 ', Seoane), Juan Manuel Bravo (87 ', Kelechi Nwakali), Guito (87 ', Marc Gual)


0-1, 20 ': Daniel Ojeda, 1-1, 48 ': Cristian Herrera, 1-2, 71 ': Daniel Ojeda, 1-3, 80 ': Kelechi Nwakali


Referee: Iñaki Vicandi Garrido
VAR Referee: Rafael Sánchez López
Kelechi Nwakali (82 ', Yellow