The Alavés-Valencia is not in danger, but there could be no public

Vitoria is one of the cities most affected by the coronavirus. There are eight positives linked to the capital of Alava: seven people from the city or province and a Rioja who works in the Basque city. Level 1 is the one that has been activated for now. We would talk about a series of decisions related to alertness.

But if you go to level 2, other decisions would have to be made, such as avoiding agglomerations. And on Friday an Alavés-Valencia is played that it could have some restrictions such as, for example, that the public cannot attend. For now the dispute of the crash is not in danger but we will have to see how the week evolves.

In the Mercedes or in the municipal cleaning contract there have been some doubtful cases and they have gone to their homes to avoid contagion. But One of the places most affected by the virus is precisely the Txagorritxu Hospital. A doctor, who was in Malaga watching the Copa del Rey basketball, tested positive and infected, for example, a teammate. Nor is it clear that she is the first infected by what worries about not knowing the first pandemic carrier. Also, the health center of Olárizu has been closed for fear of contagion.

Valencia also made headlines for the coronavirus last week due to the trip they made to Bergamo. Some sports journalists were infected and, in turn, transferred the virus to their editorial partners on the way back. Be that as it may, for now there is a match. Even the club has designed a series of events to commemorate March 8. For example, there will be a banner with the names of all subscribers at the Mendizorroza stadium.

The team has returned this afternoon to training in the sports city of Ibaia. The headdresses are Pina and Roberto. Laguardia also received a blow to the head in Leganés and lost some vision for what happened in a hospital. Aleix Vidal will not be able to play due to the cycle of five yellow cards. Duarte, Joselu and Magallán are aware. After the clash against the Levantines, the clash of Barcelona against Espanyol will arrive and the Royal Society will be received in the capital of Alava.

Shield / Flag Alavés

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