The age of Ana Obregón is finally clarified: Alessandro Lequio confirms it

It is one of the great mysteries that has always surrounded the gossip. The actress herself, who for years seemed to have the secret of her eternal youth, has never entered into clarifications and her speculations have been constant. After becoming a surrogate mother-grandmother, theories have grown even more.

Ana Victoria Garcia Obregon He was born on March 18, 1955, so he is 68 years old, as has been considered these days and himself Alessandro Lequiofather of his only biological child, confirmed this Wednesday in Ana Rosa’s program.

During the program, Beatriz Cortázar said: “Let’s see, let’s not be more papists here than the Pope either. Ana Obregón is 68 years old, or that is what they have said.” And the Italian count corroborated it, settling all the debates: “Yes, 68 years old.”

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A little over three weeks ago, the presenter left the Memorial Regional Hospital in Miami with little Ana Lequio Obregón in her arms. A week later, she exclusively via Holaclarified that the girl’s father is actually the deceased Aless Lequio, since they used his frozen sperm. The situation is increasingly untenable. Lequio does not want to reopen media wars for respect for the memory of his son, but it is increasingly difficult for him to contain himself in certain aspects.

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