The 'Aduriz pearl' was there, you just had to polish it

The crutches will replace to the next ball weeks as traveling companions in the Aduriz case. After having surgery on his hip, the San Sebastian striker appreciated that “everything is fine”. “Step by step”, he pointed out after receive discharge at the Dexeus University Hospital in Barcelona. Now the rehabilitation in Lezama.

To their 39 years, football is already history for him. But we can cast A look at the other extreme, the origin, in the long career of top scorer Athletic in the XXI century and the sixth of its entire history, with 172 targets. For example, after growing up as a kid in the Antiguooko, passed, at 18, to the Aurrera of Vitoriawhere he polished him Koldo Segurola. “He was quiet, like a sponge … there were days when you saw him wanting to eat the world. He shared a group with the Uribarrena, Del Val and Kortina. At first he was a little shocked. Old-school companions had gone to Barcelona and he had stayed and was something sad. Time gradually put him in his place, and gave what I wanted to be. So ha come so far“deepens the trainer who was directing him in the field of Olaranbe.

In 25 games got eight goals, two of them to Bilbao Athletic in the last day of the league. Then he went to rojiblanco subsidiary, but he suffered because the coach, Murua, put in the band. “He talked to me and thought that I could quit football. Fortunately, he did not “, Segurola concludes,” because he would have lost a benchmark in Bilbao, a great auctioneer. “

Later it passed through the hands of Carlos Terrazas, that catapulted Aritz into the Burgos CF after his first forced departure from Lezama. I had previously directed you in the Bilbao Athletic, where it was cut off against the odds. “It was hard to understand That decision was made at that time, but he, instead of being discouraged, stop fighting in football, he fought and came to Burgos with great enthusiasm and made a great season. He had an explosion and he Valladolid noticed and signed him “, reminds AS the Bilbao coach, now at the Hogar Alcarreño in Guadalajara.

Athletic Shield / Flag

At Bilbao Athletic had joined the Iraola, Murillo, Gurpegui, Bordas and Jonan García. “There were very good players and it was not easy to think than Aduriz was going to get so high although he did think he could play in the first team perfectly. “Heynckes bet on several of them. He scored 16 goals in 36 games in the campaign 04-04 on Burgos soil. He was 22 years old when he starred in the landing in El Plantío. Terrazas maintains about the evolution of Aduriz, who returned to Athletic for later go through Mallorca and Valencia, that “he was adjusting the speed to its enormous precision”.