The 500 euro premium service that Tamara Falcó does not share with her husband: Onieva is not VIP

The Marchioness of Griñón and her new husband have returned to Spain after their last getaway to the United Kingdom. They did it on the same plane but it was about setting foot in the Madrid airport and going their separate ways. The reason? The premium service you chose Tamara Falco and with which he completely left Inigo Onieva

And the daughter of Isabel Preysler She does not travel like ordinary mortals, but rather hires the Premium service, in which airport employees are in charge of collecting her suitcases, putting them in the car and carrying out all the pertinent procedures on her behalf so that she can go directly to her car. in private terminal. A service with which Tamara pays 500 euros and that, given what has been seen, she does not share with her husband.

While she received the attention of a marchioness, Onieva left the terminal through a common door and dragged her suitcases like the rest of the non-aristocratic travelers. It is not the first time that the couple chooses to disembark separately and it is striking that they do not do so together. “They have separate accounts and Tamara can afford it and he can’t.”they have assured in TardeAr.

Onieva’s new job

Both have resumed their daily chores after their last London getaway. Tamara attends to her advertising commitments while Iñigo tries to return to the job market. The engineer, who was fired as public relations last May, is studying new projects and it seems that he has found one.

It is not something definitive but sporadic but it could bring you a juicy check, and Onieva is acting as an intermediary for a large company to manage the rental of some offices in the center of Madrid for 78,000 euros. “He is not going to rent it, he has made a visit for an investment fund. He will take a commission and they will pay him for it”they have revealed.