The 49ers are still in first place in the NFL’s top-10 rankings, while the Cowboys are moving up and the Eagles, Chiefs, as well as Jaguars are all falling.

The 49ers are still in first place in the NFL’s top-10 rankings, while the Cowboys are moving up and the Eagles, Chiefs, as well as Jaguars are all falling.

The Eagles, Lions, and Texans all lost badly on a surprising Sunday. The Chiefs and Jaguars also lost close games. The Ravens beat the Rams in extra time, but it was not enough.

Who can we trust in the last few games? It’s easy: the 49ers beat the Seahawks to make it five straight wins. San Francisco appears to be a huge machine—a team with a Super Bowl goal.

But don’t forget about the Cowboys; they’ve been there all season, mostly beating weaker teams.

Dallas made a statement on prime time Sunday night by beating the Eagles 33–13. The Eagles were trying to be the first team to make the playoffs in 2023.

Do not forget about the Broncos. They were 1-5 to start the season but are now 6-1, beating the Chiefs, Bills, and Browns together the way.

This week there is another big change: the Dolphins and Cowboys are getting better while the Eagles, Chiefs, and Jaguars are getting worse.

With the Titans-Dolphins as well as Packers-Giants games still to come in Week 14, here are my top 10 NFL teams.

It’s Week 14 of the NFL season in 2023. There are some changes in the top 10 in this week’s Power Rankings because of the weekend.

It was clear from the game that the San Francisco 49ers should be No. 1 this week: they beat the Philadelphia Eagles well.

The Los Angeles Rams beat the Cleveland Browns easily, and the Green Bay Packers beat the Kansas City Chiefs easily.

A team that no one thought would be in the top 10 at the start of the season additionally made it there.

Along with the new rankings, our reporters from NFL Nation pick one player or coach from each team that has been a nice surprise.

These players and teachers have done a great job or gone above and beyond what was expected of them before the season.

With a huge win in Philadelphia, the 49ers took back the top spot following ending the Eagles’ five-game win run. They’ve been great most of the time this season.

If beating Philly on Sunday night wasn’t enough to convince you that San Francisco has become back, nothing will.

The scorching Niners have now won four games in a row. Their season can be broken down into three uneven parts: the 5-0 start, the three-game loosing streak, and finally, this four-game winning streak.

But it looks like five-game winning runs ended in Week 13. The other team with one of those going into Sunday was Denver, but the rising Texans held them off late. They could be America’s team right before our eyes.

Now is the time to steal the AFC South. The shocking loss by the Jaguars on Monday night and the injuries to Trevor Lawrence or Christian Kirk have swung the momentum back in the Texans’ favor, even though Houston lost at home to Jacksonville in Week 12.

If Lawrence misses any time, it makes the AFC field even weaker. By Week 14, four of the seven teams still in the playoff hunt, including the Colts, will be using backup quarterbacks.

In the second quarter, the 49ers stepped it up after being stuck within neutral in the first. They beat the Eagles 42–19. When they’re fit, the Niners are the best team in the league.

Jordan Love is still dealt with in Green Bay. The Packers beat the Kansas City Chiefs on “Sunday Night Football,” with Love completing 25 out of 36 passes for 267 yards and three scores. This increased their chances of making the playoffs to 65%.

The Detroit Lions, on the other hand, keep losing close games, the Dolphins continue to dispatch bad teams, the Texans’ other star rookie shone, and the Patriots are masters of losing.