The 4 points that just signed the same year as Benzema and could ‘supply’

Benzema he ends against him Real Madrid in the year 2022, and in the offices of Valdebebas they are already thinking about their substitute. The French reached the white team in 2010, and after being dressed as a meringue for more than a decade, his career in the elite is ending. In Central defense we have performed an analysis on the four players that are most likely to be signed by the Madrid, and that in turn also meet their end of contract in 2022.

Mbappé (21 years old, PSG)

The young French player of only 21 years is one of the most liked to Madrid to strengthen the attack in the future. Regardless of Benzema's assured march in 2022, Florentino has always been clear that Kylian would have to wear white yes or yes. His contract ends at the same time as Karim's, and his current statistics are proof of its high cost: 29 games played, 24 goals and 16 assists in 2,183 minutes played. In Madrid they have in mind to pay around 300 million to pay for the operation.

Sancho (19 years old, Dortmund)

The British end is linked with Madrid since last season began to leave details of crack. In the current course he has hit the missing stretch, and in the white set they see it as a possible signing. (His usual position is not that of center forward), although he is a born scorer to cover the role of Benzema. Your contract will also end in 2022, and it is not intended to renew. Their numbers in this campaign are: 31 games, 16 goals and 17 assists in 2,510 minutes played. He is the most expensive footballer of his age, with a price around 120 million euros.

Apart from these two players, on the agenda of the Madrid two more names appear that end their contract in the same year as Karim The first one is Andrea Belotti, 26-year-old Italian player who plays in the Torino at present. He is performing a splendid season: 30 games played, 15 goals and three assists in 2,580 minutes played. Its price is 40 million.

The other footballer who also attracts the Madrid it is Rodrigo 28 year old brunette Play today in Valencia, although he grew up in the quarry of the white team. It is the least feasible option for Florentino, as he himself Rodrigo has been frequently claimed recently by the Barça Y Athletic. His figures in this course are: 26 games played, 5 goals and 11 assists in 1,905 minutes. Its price is 50 million.