The 2 Madrid players who already hesitate to Casillas: “President”

Iker Casillas He confirmed his candidacy as president for the presidential elections of the Royal Spanish Football Federation. The former goalkeeper will be the current president's electoral rival Luis Rubiales This decision has not gone unnoticed in the football world and some former teammates such as Madrid's Isco and Marcelo wanted to joke with Boxes by his candidacy after uploading a photograph in his personal Instagram account.

The current goalkeeper of Porto, He will soon announce his retirement from professional football to devote himself to the world of football in the offices. Boxes, He is a footballer who has always been close to his followers through Instagram showing small routines of his daily life.

Now this use seems to have a more electoral character to carry out a campaign to help you preside over the Federation (Official: Casillas will be a candidate for the presidency of the Federation). Any message is useful to try to scratch a vote. Even A simple instagram photo with sunglasses and a simple message: “Happy Tuesday,” as the player went up two days ago.

The first former colleague who wanted to send him a message naming him president was Isco Alarcón. The Malaga man shouted at him “President, president”. Another member of the first staff of the Real Madrid who commented on the image was Marcelo: “Presiii.”

Other former classmates are also reviewing their candidacy as is the case with José María Gutiérrez who showed his support for Boxes: “Love football and our country“said the now coach of Almeria. Other soccer players like Casserole They also keep contact with the Mostoleño.“What a president you look”. Previously, el player of Villarreal I had already commented on Iker's announcement that he was running for election with a “Come on, capi. With everything”.

Although all support is good, each football team elects its representatives in the assembly and it is they who vote for the president, but there is no doubt that the entire group of professional soccer players will give their support to Iker Casillas.