The 14th Court of Malaga agrees to assess the luxury cars of the Al Thani

The Al Thani family continues to count the court decisions for resounding setbacks. By decision of the 14th court of Malaga, the valuation of his shares in the club has been ordered, as well as several cars and motorcycles that were in the name of both Sheikh Abdullah Al Thani and his sons, Nasser, Nayef and Rakkan. Luxury vehicles for personal use and enjoyment while Málaga bleeds to death.

This is the resolution that we reproduce below. “By order of the court dated 14-1-21, the appraisal of the value of the following vehicles is agreed:

Mini, John Cooper Works Model, registration 1195JSS, owned by NAYEF ABDULLA N.A. AL THANI.

Mercedes AGM V8, registration 5511 (QATAR), owned by NAYEF ABDULLA N.A. AL THANI

Ducati brand motorcycle, Xdiavel S model, registration 3273JNZ, owned by NASSER ABDULLA N.A. AL THANI

Mercedes E63 AMG Qatari registration 117117 (QATAR), being the holder ABDULLA NASSER BIN ABDULLA A. AL THANI

Likewise, it is agreed to appoint an appraiser for the valuation of the shares. owned by HK NAYEF ABDULLA N.A AL THANI, H H SHEIK ABDULLA NASSER BIN ABDULLA A. AL THANI, NASSER ABDULLA N.A AL THANI, SHK. RAKAN ABDULLA N.A AL THANI of the companies: MALAGA CLUB DE FUTBOL S.A.D., NASS FOOTBALL S.L., NASS SPAIN 2000, S.L. and NASIR BIN ABDULLAH AND SONS S.L “. This is how this process for the appraisal of shares and high-end vehicles and cutting-edge technology is explained, a reflection of the life on the whole train that the children of the sheikh carried in one of the worst crises that Malaga has experienced throughout its history.

As will be recalled, the Court of Instruction number 14 of Malaga ordered the precautionary seizure of the assets and actions of the Al Thani in Malaga to cover the amount of the deposit of 8,518,898.04 euros set by the judge that instructs the case and that to this day has not been satisfied. The magistrate Ruiz González notified this decision through an order in which he declared the bail offered by the defense of the sheikh and his sons Nasser, Nayef and Rakan insufficient. and orders the precautionary seizure of the shares and participations that the Al Thani have in Málaga CF and also in the companies NAS Football SL, NAS Spain 2000 SL and Nasir bin Abdullah and Sons SL. Also the aforementioned vehicles.

The last appearance of Al Thani, On his social networks, of course, it was last week where he released a photo to boast that he had been vaccinated against the coronavirus. In the photo he was without a mask.