The 104 days without Giménez

José María Giménez returned to Atlético's list against Sevilla. For now. Simeone today, before the match, you must make a discard. The Uruguayan missed the game against Espanyol because of discomfort in one knee. His absence on the list was a surprise, although this season that word (discomfort, injury) again fly over his head like black clouds. Heir of Godín, by blood, charisma and number (the '2' of Pharaoh now he looks on his back), when the injuries seemed overcome, last season he seemed to have found a remedy, food, yoga, this 2019-20 has already hit him four times. The last of those minor inconveniences that didn't go over, on Tuesday I was training, but that cause him to have played only 42% of the minutes, 1,283 ', 12 games. 29 is Felipe. 2,581 minutes.

From the 2015-16 season, the one in which, after the departure of Miranda, Giménez took a step forward To become the Godin couple, both the heads of the rojiblanca defense, has spent 327 days injured, almost a year, 60 games, as a full season. With Atlético he has not played since last January 12, in the Spanish Super Cup, the final against Real Madrid. In the extension he had to be replaced and lived the last minutes and penalties from the bench, with the twins covered in two ice packs that covered his entire muscle. He hasn't returned yet. Savic, suffering from various muscle problems also at the beginning of the season, began playing next to Felipe and sat down Beautiful (who turned and more than in the absence of both) and causes Giménez to remain seated. Expeditive, although without bragging, complies, it is not complicated. Simeone keeps him. Giménez awaits your opportunity.

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Atlético, without Giménez 17 games in 2019-20

The center is one of the players most loved by the fans. For performance, for personality, for caste, because he arrived seven seasons ago at the club and it is as if he were a youth player although his quarry was Danube, there in Uruguay, his land, his team. Last summer, after the departure of Godín, Griezmann and Juanfran, three of the four captains, Simeone called three other players of his squad. They would be the heirs. Gimenez was among them. He is the third captain. But he has barely been able to put that 'C' on his arm. He has barely been able to play. 104 days have been injured this season. 17 games out for those injuries that crush his legs and perch on his head like black clouds. When he manages to have continuity, when they leave, he is one of the best centers in the world. And Atlético in all those games, in these 104 days, has not stopped missing his head on the grass: his strength in the stopped ball. Without Giménez he loses it in the areas, and that is Felipe, but it is not Giménez, who seems to nod with his head, jump with the body, although in reality he does it like everything: with the soul.