That ten-minute ovation for Don Juan Carlos and Doña Sofía and Simoneta’s laughter on the dance floor: Almeida’s big wedding

Great dance floor moment at the wedding of the year, that of the mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, and Teresa Urquijo. Sitting down, Doña Sofía, very happy, has fun while she watches how the bride and groom mark their chotis. To her right, her niece Simoneta Gómez-Acebo stands troncha of laughter Some super spontaneous laughter that he shares with his uncle, Don Juan Carlos. The emeritus had a great time at the link. This is shown by the video that went viral on the networks about these funny moments of the King’s family.

Don Felipe’s parents had such a good time that they received a wave of applause. “There was a ten-minute ovation for the kings and the emeritus was moved”commented Susanna Griso.

The mayor’s chotis and the post-banquet party went very viral. Along with the emeritus and Simoneta, were Infanta Elena and Froilán, who escorted Juan Carlos. Much commented on networks, which Doña Sofía also danced.
The wedding, classic and traditional, with national anthem included, it was super high-profile and very fun. And also, with athletic winks (the mayor is a passionate follower of the red and white team).

According to the presenter of Espejo Público, “the groom had embroidery on the back of his neck, on the collar of his morning suit. ‘Never stop believing’ and the Atlético de Madrid crest.” “He didn’t forget his team,” he detailed. “He says he looked at the League calendar and the Champions League to decide the wedding date, and that the Copa del Rey escaped him. King”.