that Camilla look and Masako’s mask

Very first welcome ceremony to London for Emperor Naruhito and his wife, Masako. Guillermo was in charge of receiving them in a warm reception that took place in the looby of the hotel where the Japanese couple is staying. The Prince of Wales has assumed this role as his heir on behalf of his father, Charles III.

In this first greeting we saw Masako, 60 years old, smile. For the occasion, she has chosen a classic floral lace coat, with gloves and a hat as per protocol. She wears a pearl necklace that matches her earrings. Her color, ice white in the brightest version of her. Her husband, in a morning suit, just like Guillermo. The empress was not wearing a mask. However, on her walk with Camilla, yes.

After this photo, the guests met the Kings, Carlos III and Camilla. On their horse-drawn carriage ride through the streets of London, they formed the following entourage: the monarch, also in a morning suit and top hat, went with Naruhito; and the two first ladies together. The photograph that this walk has left us is Camilla, very serious, next to Masako, with a mask.

The empress consort has suffered from chronic depression recognized as an adjustment disorder for more than two decades. Masako was subjected to high pressure to conceive a male child due to the current Salic law. Instead of a boy, she had Princess Aiko. She joined the strict protocol of the house. An environment that impacted her mental health.