“That Arsenal signed Thomas was the most important thing in my life”

It's been a week since Thomas Partey officially leave Atlético de Madrid to undertake a new professional adventure at Arsenal. However, for their closest circle it has been great news that continues to excite them to this day. In an interview on Joy Sports, one of Ghana's leading media outlets, the footballer's father described the signing of his son by the 'gunners' as the “most important news of his life”. In addition, it explains how they lived the 'Deadline Day', pending all day for the operation to occur, praying that it would.

Arsenal Shield / Flag

The most important news of your life: “Actually, it is. This has been the greatest thing. I dreamed of the path for Thomas to train and dominate the game. I know there are more important things ahead and this has just begun.”

How did they get the news: “Thomas called us. That morning we were praying and a message came to us. He asked me where his mother was and I replied that she was nearby. He asked us if we were praying well and I said yes. He said we should continue praying, praying a lot. We told him we would. So, I told my wife that something good was going to happen. “

Doubts: “I wanted to be sure, but I felt good inside because we had given everything to God. My wife asked me if we were safe and I replied that she would surely move.”

At the last minute: “It didn't really bother us at all because we expected a bigger team to come for Thomas. We knew of other teams that were interested, like Juventus or Chelsea. So we knew God was with us. When they announced it, we got to dance”.