Teresa Urquijo goes to dinner with Almeida's friends: her other 'bachelorette party'

Teresa Urquijo chain celebrations. Last weekend, the fiancee of José Luis Martínez-Almeida She traveled to Milan to celebrate her bachelorette party with a group of friends. Just a week after his escape express In the Italian city, the investment analyst went out to dinner this Thursday with another group of friends.

This time, he celebrated that he will walk down the aisle on April 6 with the girlfriends of the popular politician's friends, as reported by the magazine. Week. This gesture suggests that she has fit in like a fish in water in the circle of friends of her lover and her partners.

For the occasion, Teresa chose a restaurant located in Las Salesas, an area close to the exclusive Salamanca neighborhood. The place is Hispanic-Uruguayan inspired and its specialty is the grilled mixed sandwich. Likewise, the establishment that the fiancee of the mayor of Madrid chose has a long waiting list of 50 days.

Last weekend, Urquijo packed her bags and enjoyed a few days of disconnection in Milan to celebrate her bachelorette party. Luisa Bergel (also a close friend of Tamara Falco) was in charge of organizing the trip. As illustrated by the images circulating on social networks, the future 'consort' from Madrid walked around Milan with a pink 'cowboy' hat. Likewise, for her escape, Urquijo – linked to the Bourbons in terms of kinship – brought a ribbon with the Spanish flag tied to her suitcase.