Terelu, very angry about the latest criticism of her daughter: “They don’t know who they have found”

This Tuesday, the presenter supported Ausonia’s campaign against breast cancer. This is the first event she attends after the death of Maria Teresa Campos and he has done it with his daughter, who joins the cause. Have him has taken the opportunity to show his face for Alejandra Rubiowho receives continuous criticism for her work on television: “They use the argument that she is the ‘daughter of’ just to hurt her, but they are not going to succeed. They don’t know who they have found. I’m going to die.”

“Alejandra knows how to defend herself very well. She has had good teachers, her grandmother and her mother too, why not say it, she knows how to defend herself very well,” said Terelu, recognizing the great work that Alejandra does as a collaborator. Even so, a mother always defends her daughter: “What seems shameful to me is the abuse by some of a person who is just starting out. But hey, there are people for everything and there are people who will always be like that.”

The journalist has assured that it is a pride for both her and her daughter to be the family of María Teresa Campos: “That is a pride, to be the granddaughter of who she is. Above all, to be the granddaughter of who she is, then being a daughter is something else, But being the granddaughter of who she is is everyone’s pride, and I am the daughter of who I have been.”

First act after the death of his mother

As we said, Terelu is in full mourning for the death of her mother, who died on September 5: “For days, it is not easy. There are days when it seems that you are better and suddenly the next day well… The normal and “what is natural in these cases. Still very sad.” For Carmen Borrego, these are also difficult times: “Some days too, it’s like everything else. It seems like we handle it better, others, well, you go to my mother’s house, it’s complicated… Things to do that are anything but pleasant , they are tremendously painful.”

On the other hand, the television collaborator did not want to comment on the statements of Gemma Serrano, a friend of Edmundo Bigote Arrocet: “Nothing at all, nor is it part of my life, nor do I see it, nor am I interested in it, nor have I pronounced, even though I am accused of having spoken out. I have never spoken out in my life and from there all the lies that they want to tell, they tell them and continue telling them. I don’t care, at these moments in my life, “With my mother dead, I don’t care about any of these people. I don’t care about these people, they don’t exist in my life.”