Terelu, tearful, leaves the set of ‘Save me’: when your sister bursts into tears and you can’t take it anymore

“I can’t”, he managed to say Terelu Campos dropping the mobile. Just at that moment her sister, carmen borregohe broke down crying on the show Save me by phone. The presenter left her smartphone to Adela Gonzalezgot up and covering his face with his hands, like an arrow, left the set of Telecinco.

With a broken voice and extremely emotional, Carmen shared her first words after being a first-time grandmother. “I have found out about the birth of my grandson through my son.” It was the reaction of the grandmother in Save mewho also wanted to confirm that the family is not broken, but that they are “a pineapple”.

“I am very happy to be a grandmother, I thank you for all the support and love. My grandson was born healthy, which is the important thing. And that my son is very happy,” said Borrego, who was trying to reconcile his mixed feelings. On the one hand, the arrival of the youngest of the family, the son of José María Almoguera, and his wife, Paola Olmedo, who came into the world at the La Paz Hospital in Madrid on Sunday, June 4; and on the other, the grandmother’s decision not to go meet the little one at the medical center “because she wants it that way” that of her son, José María, with whom she has a complicated relationship. In fact, the distance alarms between them were activated last weekend when it emerged that Borrego had found out from the press that her daughter-in-law is in the hospital and about to give birth.