Terelu takes out her nails for Malú and uncovers the conversation she had with the singer's mother: “She has suffered”

Terelu Campos has come out in defense of Little onewho celebrates 25 years in music and has recently spoken like never before about his breakup with Albert Rivera. María Teresa Campos' daughter met Paco de Lucía's niece decades ago and, since then, she has felt a deep admiration for her: “Malú would have been 15 years old when I was invited to a party at her parents' house without her knowing to hear her sing”. The presenter has also revealed the conversation she had with the singer's mother when she met her, not too far in time, in a shopping centre.

Carmen Borrego's sister talks about the performer's latest song, a heartbreak song composed by Pablo Alboran and based on his breakup with the former Ciudadanos politician: “When I heard Absent I recognize the suffering you have gone through. She who is so jealous of her privacy and her life… “I'm not going to tell you things I know, because it wouldn't make me feel good.”Terelu writes this Wednesday on her blog. Readings.

In this sense, he reveals a conversation he had with the mother of the interpreter of to test youalthough without going into too many details so as not to go off the tongue: “I met his mother on December 31st in a shopping center very close to our house. and she told me that her daughter was very demanding of herself. She confessed it to me while we were looking for dresses and one of them was for Malú.”

However, it does say: “Listening to her latest song I am aware that she has suffered and for her to project it, personally, It means that it has been a turning point in your life.“. That's when Terelu takes out her nails for the artist: “Malu has been told, neither more nor less, that she was not good for a politician. What a shame! I feel ashamed as a woman when they say that a politician cannot be with a successful singer.. Does it diminish his credibility or political commitment? In this sense, I have always been on Malú's side“.

Terelu feels identified with the singer

On the other hand, Pipi Estrada's ex has revealed that she feels reflected in the singer's spite songs. “When I end a relationship it is because I know that I have exhausted all possibilities. Therefore, Malú's songs accompany me“he says about I left.

About Black and Whiteone of his most famous songs, explains: “This song is part of a time in my life that marked me a lot with a very important man in my life. These words from Malú described the relationship she was experiencing in a chilling way.“.

get rid of me It also reminds him of another of his exes: “I'm not going to say which of the men who have been in my life this feeling belongs to, it has to be a riddle for you. I'm sure you're all going to fail.“.

Terelu also explains: “When I hear to test you It reminds me of a time when I had a very complicated relationship not too far away in time.. Maybe she's pretty close to be honest.” In this sense, she tells this anecdote: “I remember that once she came to Malú on the show. What a happy time! that my mother presented, she gave me the ring with which she recorded this song.

After reviewing his love life, he draws a clear conclusion: “I always play the bad guy in life and in all my relationships.. I'm always the empowered one, but what do people know about what I've experienced and what I've felt,” she says.

The list of ex-boyfriends or men who have been related to Terelu includes: Martín Pareja-Obregón, Pipi Estrada, Carlos Agrelo, Celso García, Salvador Pérez, Carlos Pombo, Kike Calleja, Mario de Pascual and his boxing teacher José Valenciano, his Last known boyfriend, whom she dated between 2014 and 2015.