Terelu reveals what the Kings' first meal without María Teresa Campos was like: “We feel like at home”

The Campos clan faces its first Christmas without Maria Teresa, who died last September at the age of 82. Although nostalgia strikes without shame, and even more so at this time, Terelu Camposthe eldest daughter of the queen of the mornings, shows her best side and reveals how she spent Three Kings Day without her mother.

The communicator enjoyed the most magical day of the year with a family meal in a luxurious restaurant in the capital. As illustrated by the photographs that Terelu published this Saturday on her social networks, Carmen Borrego attended the meeting in the company of her daughter. Carmen and her husband Jose Carlos Bernal. Among the absences, the one of Alejandra Rubio. On Three Kings' Day, the presenter's granddaughter carried out her professional duties in front of the cameras at the magazine Telecinco weekend.

Despite seeing several empty chairs, Terelu Campos thanked the restaurant for the treatment they received. “Food like kings with the family. Thanks to my dear friend Daniel Talavera because although she is not here for the first time we are at home,” he said along with a snapshot of those present.

Christmas Eve was more complicated for the presenter, as she herself revealed this Wednesday in the magazine Readings. “On December 24, I woke up crying inconsolably. I was cooking and my tears fell. I sat in the living room and cried. I opened the closet to see what I was going to wear that night and I sobbed,” she confessed.

With emotions still running high, last Friday, the public network paid tribute to María Teresa Campos with a special gala in her honor. The eldest of the Campos sisters, Terelu, served as master of ceremonies and Carmen directed it. Between tears and smiles, friends and family reviewed the life of the queen of the mornings.