Terelu returns to television after the death of María Teresa Campos: “She lived suffering, the pain of the mind is terrifying”

The presenter has returned to the small screen after experiencing difficult and painful days. María Teresa Campos passed away on September 5, leaving her daughters devastated. In full mourning for the death of the great communicator, have him He has opened up to Jordi González on TVE: “My mother’s life stopped the day she stopped stepping on a television set. Grief was one of the causes of her death.”

Dressed in black, Terelu remembered her mother’s illness: “That prodigious brain and that active mind began to deteriorate, it devoured her from the inside and consumed her from the outside.”. As on other occasions, the eldest daughter of María Teresa Campos has explained that her mother belonged to “a generation that has known very little of what leisure is” and that “her greatest injection of life came from a television set.” That’s why he handled his withdrawal from the screen so badly.

“She always said ‘I want the public to remove me’ and the public did not remove her, a company removed her”, she said hurt. Terelu has vented to Jordi, commenting on the hardness of seeing one of the greats ask for a job: “Do you know what it’s like to see your mother begging to return to television?” In her last months, her mother continued to think about her profession: “She still got up every day and her topics of conversation, with difficulty understanding her, were related to her work.”

The communicator’s daughter, who has joined the program Square this Wednesday, assures that the last year “It’s been horrible” why “At first he began to be aware that something was happening to him and when I had major crises, I would call you and say ‘Something happened to me yesterday, right?’ We told her that she had not slept, that she was tired… because we did not want her to be afraid.” For this reason, the collaborator assures that “she was suffering, the pain of the mind is terrifying, the most devastating thing that a human being can experience. , for him and for those around him.