Terelu pulls out her nails for María Teresa Campos after Bigote Arrocet’s unfiltered interview: “Now you can’t defend yourself”

Terelu Campos responded this Sunday to Edmundo Arrocet after the last interviews of the Chilean comedian taking out the dirty laundry of the Campos clan. The response from Alejandra Rubio’s mother has been on TVE, the network where, according to Pipi Estrada’s statements, Terelu is “for influence peddling“.

Upon hearing Edmundo’s last darts, Carmen Borrego’s sister stated: “I have never spoken about this man, he hides himself in the fact that he answers us. Of course you cannot answer me because I have not expressed myself and I have nothing more to add.“.

Although the eldest daughter of the queen of the mornings has assured that this has been her response, she has taken advantage of her intervention on the small screen to send a new message to Bigote Arrocet. “Maybe you want to answer this too?“, Pipi Estrada’s ex has stated after the multiple interviews of María Teresa Campos’ ex have passed through the box. In addition, Terelu has assured that she is calm because she has not spoken about him. “Anyone who watches television shows knows that I have not spoken about this person.“, he pointed out.

Terelu has continued her attacks on Edmundo and has ruled that her mother cannot defend herself. “While this man was alive, he has made exclusives, but now he cannot defend himself because he is dead. How does that person defend themselves?“, has manifested.